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    In my crossover Werewolf/Inferno game I come to idea to put players versus a specific class of demons ( Vice spirits infused with essence of Hell - Immudi for demonologists ) as coherent army of Malejins. Seven by seven demons, each we know from Old Book itself. Waiting for comments and advises on this.

    I use a GMC spirits rules here. It could be also example of Fiend entity, with Malepraxis of Vice and Transgression.
    "My name is Legion: for we are many."

    Background: They were old in antiquity. They are all one army of Darkness, that encountered ones humble carpenter from Nazareth. They are many, but they work as one. They are Legion.

    Like with the rest of demons, they origin is contradictory. Sometimes they are first host of angels, fallen with the Lucifer in his rebellion. Other times are they first souls, corrupted by the Demon Princes themselves, when Hell stated to collect lives of dark for eternal damnation. And for Uratha they are first spirit taken by Maeljin and their foul influences and remaded in the first of Wounds.

    What is common, is they are one of first of their kind. When most powerful beings of corruption come to existence, and the history started it’s toll, those most primordial evils took spiritual beings - souls, angels, spirits - and reshaped for they nefarious purposes, made them in to their image. They were made to start the infernal hierarchy. They become their masters spiritual army. And so they done.

    Many of first demons rose in rank from the Legion, becoming Hell’s Barones or Maeltinets with eons past. But a Legion always need new recruits and selected new demons joined it, for they time served. It is cursed jewel in the army of damned, that many of new corrupted beings aspire to join. When they become Legion, the Legion become them. And they share it’s all knowledge and history. They become one in many. At least till the time the evolve to take place higher in the Hell’s hierarchy.

    Storytelling hints: Legion is infamous of his methods. As complex group of demons, working in unity, summoning it is not some small achievement. When arriving in Earth realm, he is the armed hand of it’s masters and saw discord, destruction and - most of it - corruption. Legion is known from his tendencies to posses mortal victims, many times couple of it’s spirits in one body. Depending on numbers of them that come, the can torment one men for weeks. Or can overpower whole town in days, hoping from one higher-up of community and often taking care of last one. One is sure - when the Legion is nearby, corruption and transgression will be visible. Marriage will shattered with debased sexual acts and scandalous treacheries. Man will eat man, only to taste a “long pig”. Those most dedicated to they earth belongings will be eating them till dead, just to be with them, forever. One will lead many to kill themselves in it’s name.

    But with all it’s power and numbers, there is one weakness of Legion, beside of Ban and Banes below. With that many spirits in it, they must maintain unity, coherent actions. Other way, they will destroy one another in the road to power in infernal hierarchy. Sowing discord between demons is a way for Legion to defeat itself.

    Attributes: Power 4, Finesse 6, Resistance 3 - Known deceiver and very straight forward demons, hard to banish from the Flesh Realm.

    Rank: 3 ( as collective, 2 as individual spirits )

    Willpower: 9

    Initiative: 9

    Defense: 4

    Speed: 16

    Size: 5

    Corpus: 8

    Essence: 20

    Ban: Cannot walk in to water, of any kind.

    Banes: Holy Water ( for individual demon ), Hair from the Pig ( for the whole Legion ) - Each demon is weak enough to be banished by the Holy Water. But if rest of Legion is in mortal realm, even those banished can return. Only killing all of demons - or exorcising - using Hair from the Pig is final end of Legion.

    Influances: Sins 3 ( each demon is connected with only one Deadly Sin ), Transgression 3

    Numina: Blast, Dement(R), Hallucination, Host Jump, Implant Mission(R), Seek, Sign(R)
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