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If You Could Make A Werewolf Book

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    I would personally like a book that was like Mirrors or Infinite Macabre, a sort of setting book that details possible future events for the Urdaga , Anshega, and Asah Gadar. Reimagining historical events is awesome, but the future always holds really fun possibilities xD

    Maybe the Pure finally succeed and merge Spirit and Flesh back together ( Ala legend of Korra season 2 ), and the Forsaken now have to tailor the Oath in order to work WITH humanity in order to try to maintain what hilariously fragile balance that would remain.

    Other futures could include a sort of inter planetary Protectorate far in the future, guarding the Herd from hostile alien spirit worlds.

    another future where both factions are forced to reconcile and create a singular Uratha nation to protect their species from annihilation at the hands of a hostile humanity/ Shadow ( similar to the Shadow War plot in WATP)

    A future where another reawakened First Born is discovered, leading to a war between Forsaken, Pure, and Ghost Wolves over who would be worthy of its patronage to create a new Tribe.

    A hellish nightmare future where the Maeljin win, merging their realm with the Shadow and creating a planet wide Wound, with the Bale Hounds in ascendancy.

    So many ideas for this one lol
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      I vote for a book on high and mighty Uratha and new stuff about them, like merits powers or completely new rules and elements never seen before.