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    Hunters needs a rework seeing as how we can gain essence with siskur dah now

    WoD-Dark Eras!! (Backed for Viking Age Werewolf)


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      Originally posted by Lyrics Of War View Post
      Hunters needs a rework seeing as how we can gain essence with siskur dah now
      The idea is that you can call a Werewolf as the target for your Sacred Hunt, and then eat them... without it violating Harmony. Heck, if you are hanging out with a bunch of Iron Masters, and they declare Siskur-Dah on, say, a local bank, you can eat the entire staff of the bank and it won't hurt your spiritual balance.

      Remember that Werewolves can eat people for Essence while they are still alive, and doing so deals Aggravated, but requires a Breaking Point. This removes the Breaking Point as long as you are doing it while sacred huntin'.

      Dunno, I might change it a bit, but it seems fitting at the moment.

      I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

      So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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        I'd like to get some feedback for this one.

        Some background: I'm thinking of introducing one of the packmembers (who's about to reach Primal Urge 7) to a homebrew lodge, that believes that uratha are a form of shartha, and that by reaching a high enough connection with one's inner wolf (and then eating other's who have reached the same connection), they could theoretically revive Father Wolf. And this milestone gift is how it can be done (at least according to the lodge elders):

        Gift of Joining
        By devouring the heart of another uratha, the character gains tremendous effects.
        Prerequisites: Primal Urge must be at least 8, and tribal or auspice primary renown must be 4 or 5.
        Cost: 3 essence.
        Duration: Permanent.
        Action: Instant, contested. Gift user rolls Relevant Attribute or Skill+Primal Urge, victim rolls Relevant Attribute or Skill+Primal Urge+2
        Effect: If successful, the gift user permanently "steals" one dot of an attribute or skill, or a skill specialty from his victim. The victim must have a higher score in the attribute or skill, than the gift user. For every 5 points the gift user gains this way, he is seen by the Spirit courts as +1 rank. Successfully using this gift does *not* count as a breaking point towards Spirit.

        Dam da namsithim.


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          Storm's Whisper (Honor; Storm Lords Only)
          To the undisputed alpha of a pack, the storm pulses in their throat...
          Cost: 5 Essence
          Duration: Special
          Action: Reflexive
          Upon gaining the Siskur Dah condition, the character may take a few moments to whisper into the ears of his packmates, and distribute a bonus or penalty to all of their actions equal to each of his renown categories. So, for instance, if the Storm Lord in question has Honor 5, Glory 4 and Purity 3, he could whisper to a packmate to grant him either a +5 or -5, and with that bonus spent, whisper to the next one to grant him a +4 or -4, etc. The bonus may be changed into a penalty or viceversa with the expenditure of 1 essence point, and a condemning snarl, or a nod of appraisal.


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            @amechra Mostly like:

            The Destroyer’s Jaws = The Destroyer’s Rage: When the werewolf enters Rage or Kuruth he becomes immune to all powers that would prevent him lay waste upon his foes, be it Rage gift facets, Elodoth Auspice ability or other otherworldly spells and powers.
            Furthermore The Blood Talon's natural weapons count as bane to all that exists and their damage may not be prevented, attacks may be evaded but never blocked by any kind of power, mundane or magical. The effects of the gift are permanent and may not be prevented by any means.

            Eyes of Death Wolf = Guardian of Death: The werewolf may use all his senses to interact with any otherworldly entities without being contested in return, the Bone Shadow simply becomes the boogeywolf of spirits, ghosts and any other spectral/aetherial entity in any realm she can perceive. Additionally he may pass through any gate that guides to a realm she may physically interact with, without ill effects. The werewol is immune to any power that would affect her senses and might hinder her to pass through otherworldly realms, like warding spells an rituals.

            The Hunter’s Bounty = Eternal Hunter: The werewolf is permanently under the effects of Siskur Dah condition and may choose any prey as his sacred prey, gifts that may be activated only in Siskur Dah are permanently activated, as is any power related to the Sacred Hunt without cost, her Hunter's Aspect is always activated and the prey may not contest.
            Furtermore when on the prowl, may never lose track and the prey may not escape by any means, it may still hide, but if the Hunter does not abandon the hunt for any reason, he will take notice of the prey's move when it comes out of its hiding place, assuming it succeeded hiding in the first place.

            Backstage Synchronicity = We Are One:
            All members of the Iron Master's pack always use the highest stats of it's members for various rolls as long as the Iron Master participates in the effort, be it for teamwork rolls or individual ones.
            The Iron Master doesn't need to be the best in a given field but can benefit from the better dice pool or merit if applied. The power even affects gift activation rolls and Renown levels.
            The Iron Master may decide to remove pack members from the Gift's effects for various reasons, aka death *caugh caugh* Rage *caugh caugh*.

            Storm’s Whisper = Storm of the Lord The Stormlord may change the outcome of two individual rolls in the same turn as a reflexive action. And he may even choose himself for the roll result change.
            He may not change the outcome too much, which means that he may not turn an exceptional success to a failure or dramatic failure.
            Some options are:
            An enemy's success may fail and an allie's fail may succeed.
            An enemy's success may fail and an allie's success may turn to exceptional success.
            An enemy's success may fail and an allie's dramatic fail may turn to simple failure.
            An enemy's exceptional success may turn to success an allie's dramatic fail may turn to simple failure.
            The power of this gift may not be resisted, the will of the Stormlord is absolute and just (may be).
            The gift does not affect rolls but outcomes of rolls, so a 3 successes Successful Roll is as good as a one success
            Successful Roll.


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              I've seen no more talk about Milestone Gifts in 2E, which I think kind of goes with the philosophy of the new Edition no "super powerful" characters or "win-more" Gifts, but I'm interested in seeing what the community think of this.

              Some things from 1E that I miss were stuff that might brush on the two "no-no" I mentioned above, like the Blood Talon Rite of the Last Stand. It makes the Tribe feel like, if you're fighting their best, then the enemies always lose, even when the Blood Talons lose as well. It made me feel like "wow, ok, I might think twice before putting them in a lose-lose situation". How do you guys feel?

              While I don't like the idea of "I pay essence and I win", I always loved the werewolves overcoming brutal odds because of their nature (gifts) or their spiritual power (rites), while, at the moment, it seems the tactics are what should give you such edge. I'm not complaining, I also like this aspect of the hunt, but the aspiration to be greater, to find glory and discover new powers (milestone gifts) or turn to your Tribe for their most sacred mysteries always felt more epic to me.

              (Necro: I'm not sure how to feel about necroing this thread, because I think starting a new thread that links to this one feels too wyrdhamster-y to my tastes, so, I need directions)


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                Personally, I prefer the necro since all previous posts are already here, rather than a new thread where the same stuff gets posted.

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