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    Name: Enemy Never Sleeps
    Concept: The Enemy
    Rank: Ensih
    Aspiration: Seek and destroy invaders.

    Power 5, Finesse 8, Resistance 4
    12 maximum essence
    Numina: Aggressive Meme, Awe, Blast
    Manifestations: Twilight Form, Discorporate, Materialize, Shadow Gateway

    Conflict - 3
    Fear - 1

    Ban: Weakness of the enemy must be exploited.
    Bane: Vengeance. If Enemy acts against someone and survives, they are considered its bane.

    Enemy was formed in Turkey sometime around the War of Independence, and forged into a fetish gun. It spent most of its years helping its wielders to become greater threats to their opponents, and influencing people to fight against that which they perceive as the enemy.

    Its last war was in Afghanistan and it eventually found its way to the hands of a collector in the Americas. It tried and failed to influence him for years until he confronted a supernatural burglar trying to make away with something from his collection and shot him dead. Enemy then found hold and managed to turn him into a hunter.

    In our introductory game the hunter came after us with silver bullets. We managed to subdue him and take the gun away, realized it was a fetish and released the spirit inside. It was grateful for its newly found freedom, and became our totem.

    It usually just talks to us, its voice always a whisper from behind, but when it appears it looks like a skellington in battered military fatigues with a gun slung low on its waist.


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      Originally posted by TerraBen View Post

      I assume you're looking at the chart on page 183 that says the Max Attribute of a Rank 2 spirit is 7. The thing you need to look at to determine the Rank of your Totem is the next column over. It says Rank 2 spirits have between 9 and 14 total Attribute dots. Yours has 15, which is in the Rank 3 range.
      What the Max Attribute column means is that, if you had a Totem (or any spirit) of Rank 2 with 14 points of Attributes, none of their attributes could be higher than 7. So you couldn't have one with 12 Power, 1 Finesse, and 1 Resistence. You could, however, have one with 7 Power, 7 Finesse, and 0 Resistance. A spirit with 7 Power, 7 Finesse, and 7 Resistance would have 21 total, and thus be Rank 3.
      So rejoice! In all those places where Rank matters for your Totem, it is already Rank 3! And as such, the next dot of Totem Merit in your pack could go to more Finesse (8). So could the one after that (9). But not the one after that (10 is over the max for Rank 3).
      You assumed right

      Ooops! Rank 3 it is. I need to think about another fitting Manifestation and Numina.

      I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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        Originally posted by Thorbes View Post

        You assumed right

        Ooops! Rank 3 it is. I need to think about another fitting Manifestation and Numina.
        Or you could bump (one of) her Influences up to 3. Controlling Luck could be pretty neat...


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          Roar of Defiance is almost entirely pride and rebellion, shaped out of Detroit steel and Iconography. Shaped like a Lion made out of blued steel, Roar walks with the enduring pride that only true Detroiters know, the certainty of greatness no matter how bad it may be. Each "breath" comes out in huffs of engine exhaust, every spoken syllable is the roar of the crowd at Comerica Park on opening day, and when it finally roars, it does so with the earth-shaking noise of a Wings victory on game 7. Roar is not a subtle spirit, but its "steel skin" and weighty paws more than make up for any lack of finesse with raw power. It was born from the enduring pride of Detroiters, originally in the Lions, during the 90's, but the Lion must hunt. It cannibalized the dying spirits of the automobile factories, stalked the packed crowds of Joe Lewis Arena, and then ran into the Pure and their Fire spirits.

          In the burned out husks of homes, Roar stoked the pride in people, keeping them holding on to their plots and their city. This Fire would purge everything, leaving only desolation and death in its wake. Roar could not exist without the crowds, without the pride, and those would be the first things to burn, It approached the pack, offering a portion of its presence and impact to the young Uratha. Since then, there has been no rest for the Iron Pride, as Roar refuses to let them back down from the Pure problem.


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            Cool, your description really brings it to life.


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              Name: Black Beast That Stalks the Night
              Concept: Single minded hunter
              Rank: Ensah
              Aspiration: Not revealed to players

              Power 4, Finesse 6, Resistance 5
              15 maximum essence
              Numina: Nightfall (= as per the technology facet 'Shutdown'.)
              Manifestations: Twilight Form, Materialize, Speak Through the Veil

              Darkness 1
              Murder 2
              Wolf 3

              Ban: May not be active during the day, pack must hunt down and murder at least one person every month.
              Bane: Any weapon wielded by a survivor of attempted murder.
              Pack bonuses: +1 manipulation, +1 to social rolls when dealing with spirits of murder and/or darkness.

              Black Beast looks like a big wolf, with claws and fangs dripping black sludge and ichor. It's fur is mangy, and shifts in shades of black and grey, much like the hisil night-sky. It's voice is a low rumbling growl filled with murderous intent. It has no eyes, and it's mouth is filled with crooked teeth that make it's speech hard to understand at times. It attacks it's prey with a long black tongue that resembles a snake in both shape and size.
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              Dam da namsithim.


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                Name: Mr.Blackcheck
                Concept:Retro salesman commerce spirit
                Rank:1 (newly born spirit)
                Language: First tongue, English
                Bans: Never Gamble (Gambling is a bad investment)
                Aspirations: Make a profit
                Manifestions: Twlight form, Materalize.
                Numina:Sale!(aggressive meme), Mortal Mask (retro salesman)

                Gifted rites: Harness the Cycle 0

                The pack runs an Occult shop, which in turn drew the attention of a newly born and vulnerable commerce spirit who became the pack totem for protection. The pack is newly formed and rather neglectful of their spiritual side showing great reluctance to cross into the shadow. This is why they have such a minor totem.