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  • Kun-shulor

    They come from the depths and have infiltrated our Natural Human Society for MANY years! I have REAL and PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE to back up these claims which I present at the end of my intelligent presentation.
    Many try to discount the squid-theory because the infiltrators have already EATEN THEIR BRAINS!! This is what the squids want they want to EAT BRAINS for and send the CONSUMED HUMAN MEMORIES to their ENSHRINED OVERLORD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN.
    HOW TO IDENTIFY—They can look human but have 4 squid forms! 4 is their SACRED NUMBER. They can become the man-squid like described by Gygax (he spoke the truth and had his brain eaten!), the squid-as-we-know-it (clever hiders! avoid gulfs!), the Kraken (big squids STOLEN FROM OUR OWN MYTHS), and the Abomination (can’t name, can’t describe). THEY ALL KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!!!
    IMPORTANT:They can regrow their limbs. Like the RED DEVIL they have HOOKS on their TENTACLES. They have blinding ink to get away from righteous humans.
    Who is the Deep Overlord? NOBODY KNOWS NOT EVEN THE SQUIDS!!! They have theories though. This is what one told me: that there are 4 main schools of thought (HA! Squids do not think but only steal our HUMAN THOUGHTS!)
    Is the OVERLORD trapped below Antarctica or is it just hiding??? They do not know and will not tell. If they do not obey the OVERLORD they will go INSANE!!!!
    Do you remember a Bloop? THAT WAS THEIR GOD! Evil, ignorant scientists want to keep you from the real and only TRUTH!! The Overlord Will Destroy The World When It Wakes Up! Squids make their Overlord strong by FEEDING IT OUR HUMAN BRAINS. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR LIES THEY ARE NOT KEEPING THEIR GOD ASLEEP THAT IS RIDICULOUS AND WHAT THE GOVERNMENT-ILLUMINATI-CHEIRON-MACHINE WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE.
    How do we keep ourselves safe from such a menace????????? The President Knows And Is Doing NOTHING Because He Is Their Puppet. (President = Puppet = SQUID Logic)
    Are they aliens?
    That Cannot Be Answered Until They Are Eradicated. That Secret Is Too Dark Underwater For Now.
    Do they control time?
    They Could Not Hope To Control Time Because Squids Do Not Understand Clocks. Show A Squid A Clock And It Will Grow Confused And Afraid. Then Is How You Will Know Your Beloved Parent Or Child Is A Squid And You Should KILL IT!
    What do they eat?
    BRAINS!! And They Drink Mercury, Mercury Poisoning In Tuna Is Squid Tampering.
    How else can I protect myself?
    Sometimes They Will Flash Red Like Their Red Devils And They Will Always Look Calm They Can Shunt Their Emotions Onto Others And Trade Thoughts With Anyone. REMEMBER: Anyone Who Smells Fishy Is Probably Squid!
    I will broadcast my Message to anyone who can see it and hopefully the World is still full of Intelligent People who will understand my true and real knowledge.

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    I was skeptical at first, but you make a strong argument.


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      ...I'm actually kind of frightened... but also intrigued...


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        I like the idea, but how does this Host affect the Gauntlet? The Azlu make it too thick, the Beshilu gnaw it apart and the Ukusgualu liquefy it. To follow the the imagery of monstrous cephalopods that strangle people and ships alike with their horrible tentacles, these squid hosts could drag humans and spirits from one side of the Gauntlet to the other, and imprison them there. There is a Numen in 1ED called Abduct which does that, but it only works on mortals. Of note is that a Host's mode of operation is based on its origin in Pangea. What was their progenitor spirit like?

        Let Him Speak.


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          Worm hosts decay human morality/integrity, and wolf hosts scare and prey on people, so squid hosts don't need to be about the gauntlet either.

          That being said, I could see them be a metaphorical flood- perhaps their presence produces a watery ectoplasm that draws spirits of the appropriate essence like flies to rotting meat.


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            The original post made me think of squid changers instead of squid hosts. For example, they have five forms equivalent to those of Uratha.

            The brain eating thing then either has something to do with their diet (which for Uratha is flesh ), their ban (which for Uratha is hunting), or their means of reproduction.
            Or maybe even all of the above.


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              Originally posted by Penta View Post
              The brain eating thing then either has something to do with their diet (which for Uratha is flesh ), their ban (which for Uratha is hunting), or their means of reproduction.
              Or maybe even all of the above.
              It might also be a cultural thing; Tinfoil Bob up there did take the time to deny that they do it in order to keep their progenitor from waking up...


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                Please, disregard this post @.@


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                  Nuku kudur, nuku shulor.

                  The words vibrate inside your head like a drive-by migraine, and then you're different from you were before. The ocean swallows you whole but you do not drown. Your body changes. Your bones soften into nothingness. Your hands split into diverse tendrils. The waves subsume you as the Deep Maker adopts you as its own child.

                  Weresquids are real and they walk among us.


                  The Kun-shulor aren't tied to Luna like their canine cousins are, at least not directly. Their gift and curse of shapechanging comes from the Deep Maker, an entity that dwells in one of the deepest parts of the Earth's oceans, near Antarctica. When certain psychically-sensitive individuals set foot in the ocean at the right place at the right time, the Deep Maker can feel them, and sends out a call. In this direct communion with a powerful spiritual being, the hapless individual is infused with the Deep Maker's Essence on a fundamental level, taking on some of its aspects, including shapeshifting, a spirit nature, telepathy, and. . . certain hungers.

                  The Kun-shulor have four auspices, keyed to the tidal cycle: Flood, High, Ebb, and Low.

                  WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE A SQUID?

                  Like the Uratha, weresquids have five forms. There is the hishu, sometimes called the "diving suit" among those with high Primal Urge and/or low Harmony, the fa'ra, which looks like a rubbery-skinned humanoid with a cephalopod head, the kirul, a hybrid monstrosity, the kafu'ul, a particularly large squid, and the adalku, a squid that generally resembles Dosidicus gigas. In these last three forms, the Kun-shulor has hooked tentacles (plus beak & radula) that inflict lethal damage, can breathe underwater, and possesses particular resistance to blunt trauma, decreasing by two any damage received from punches, baseball bats, lead pipes, and so on. In hishu and fa'ra forms, the weresquid can hold his breath for a number of minutes equal to his Stamina + Primal Urge.

                  In a water-breathing form, weresquids can survive in fresh and brackish waters just as easily as they can in saltwater. The kirul form can breathe both air and water, while the kafu'ul and adalku can hold their breath for Stamina + Primal Urge minutes.

                  In a water-breathing form, a weresquid can emit a cloud of ink. On land, this does little, but this can muddle a body of liquid, obscuring sight and creating an opportunity for escape or ambush. The cloud lasts for Strength + Stamina turns and is the same size as the weresquid's current form. Treat the ink cloud like an Environmental Tilt.


                  The Deep Maker stays in telepathic communion with its progeny. At any time, a weresquid might suddenly experience tinnitus accompanied by a strong instinct toward a certain action. Steal that key, investigate that human, murder that werewolf. Every time a weresquid follows the will of the Deep Maker, she receives a special kind of beat called a Deep Beat. Five Deep Beats make a Deep Experience. Deep Experiences can be spent on Gifts, Rites, Primal Urge, Skills or Merits that are directly related to an aquatic or spiritual existence. Deep Experiences can also purchase Fetishes, at a cost of one DE per dot, or Talens, at a flat cost of one DE, with a rating equal to or less than the weresquid's primary Renown. These objects will be found by the Kun-shulor washed up on shore, like flotsam or jetsam.

                  Continuous unquestioning obedience to the Deep Maker eventually causes Harmony loss, as the weresquid becomes an extension of his creator's will. Disobeying the Deep Maker's instincts risks Harmony gain.

                  A HUNGER FOR KNOWLEDGE

                  Every weresquid is telepathic. Establishing a psychic link with another person requires a point of Willpower and an Intelligence + Wits roll, contested by Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. If the link is established, the Kun-shulor can read the subject's thoughts, and automatically learns of any mental or emotional Conditions or Tilts the subject possesses. By spending a point of Essence, a weresquid can take one of these Conditions or Tilts from her subject, experiencing it instead. By spending a point of Essence and making an Intelligence + Presence vs Resolve + ST roll, the weresquid can shunt one of her own Conditions or Tilts onto the subject.

                  In fa'ra or kirul form, a weresquid can, after successfully establishing a grapple, eat a person's brain. This grants the squid five points of Essence. Then roll Intelligence + Primal Urge (add two dice if the weresquid possesses the Eidetic Memory merit). For every success, the weresquid may ask one question that the victim's thoughts or memories could answer ("What did this person see last night at nine o'clock?" "What was the worst thing this person has ever done?" Etc.). Eating brains is a breaking point toward Spirit.

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                    I've always wanted Illithid in my WoD. Thank you for this, thank you so much.

                    My Homebrew
                    Star Wars d10
                    The Fallen for Demon: the Descent
                    Requiem for a Masquerade: VtR 2e Cainite Conversion (Vampira Roma)


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                      GIFTS FOR THE GIFTED

                      The Kun-shulor can receive Gifts, though the spiritual powers available to them are of a different variety. They cannot obtain Moon or Wolf Gifts, and the Gifts of Dominance and Rage are also verboten to them. Instead, they have access to Squid Gifts, which can be purchased the same way Uratha purchase Wolf Gifts. There are four known Squid Gifts: Flayer's Gift, Gift of Ink, Gift of Tendrils, and Gift of the Depths.

                      Weresquids possess Renown, but they only have four categories, not five. Renown represents a weresquid's standing with the Deep Maker, and serves as an indicator of the sorts of tasks given to the Kun-shulor. A weresquid may have Cunning, Honor, Purity, and Wisdom, but never Glory, for they are a subtle breed. Because of this, Squid Gifts do not possess a Glory Facet, and weresquids cannot acquire the Glory Facet of any Shadow Gift.

                      A SOCIETY OF TENTACLES

                      A pack of weresquids is called a shoal. If one were to engage in a bit of equivocation, one might note that Dosidicus gigas hunts in a socializes in a manner similar to certain lupine species. Gifts or Rites that affect a pack instead affect a shoal when utilized by the Kun-shulor.

                      Shoals are a bit less formal than packs, for a few reasons: First, as mentioned above, the Deep Maker values subtlety, and so the sorts of expansive packs that the Uratha are given over to aren't as valuable to the Kun-shulor (though sometimes the Deep Maker tasks one of its progeny with setting up a cult, but that's a different story). Second, there is no wolf-blood equivalent. No one has come across any squid-blooded individuals that might be of service to a shoal. Third is the feeding frenzy; close bonds are a little risky when you can never be one-hundred percent certain your friends won't flip out and try to eat you. Finally, weresquids don't have tribes, and so lack a great deal of the Uratha's cultural baggage that might otherwise hold a society together.

                      Despite the lack of tribe-analogue, weresquids do often align themselves according to various philosophies surrounding what the Deep Maker is, what its ultimate goal might be, and whether or not bringing this about is a good thing.

                      THE FEEDING FRENZY

                      The Kun-shulor do not suffer from the inner rage of the Uratha. In place of kuruth they feel a blind hunger, like when one is gorging on a large bag of potato chips, uncaring of taste or health or cleanliness, stuffing chips into one's mouth before finishing chewing and swallowing the last batch.

                      While in a feeding frenzy, a weresquid becomes quite indiscriminate in his consumption. If it's flesh, he'll try to stuff it in his gullet. He'll use his tentacles to tear chunks of meat out of anyone around him. He'll go for the brain, if possible. The goal isn't to kill, but to consume, so victims are sometimes left alive, albeit gouged and traumatized. Being part of a bonded shoal will not stop a weresquid from turning on his fellows to partake of their mutable flesh.

                      Whether this condition is an oversight on the Deep Maker's part, or somehow fits into the progenitor's complex, overarching scheme, remains a mystery.

                      Weresquids have defined hunger triggers, like a werewolf's rage triggers. Staying too long in kirul, telepathic contact with a weresquid in frenzy, and dramatically failing certain rolls can also provoke a feeding frenzy.
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                        DAMP RITUALS

                        Weresquids can learn rites, though the parameters differ. For one, certain rituals are pointless for them to use, though some come in modified versions for their special needs; for instance, there's no need for Chain Rage since weresquids don't suffer from kuruth, but there is a parallel rite called Bind Hunger to tamp down the Feeding Frenzy. Weresquids don't have quite the same rapport with Lunes that werewolves do, so Messenger works by beseeching the Deep Maker to open a one-way telepathic channel with the subject of the rite. And so on.

                        The Kun-shulor don't get to customize their rites the same way the Uratha do, because of their singular attachment to the Deep Maker. When undertaking a rite, the ritemaster rolls Mental Attribute + Occult. Which Mental Attribute is determined by how the symbols are gathered.

                        Intelligence: The weresquid must have previously experienced the symbols. During the rite she recalls these experiences and interprets their meaning.

                        Wits: The weresquid must create the symbols for the rite, such as drawing them or employing appropriate objects.

                        Resolve: The weresquid must clear his mind of all distractions, turning each symbol into a sort of inner mantra, imagining each one clearly, as well as the holistic connections between all symbols in the rite.

                        As one might gather, Kun-shulor rites tend to be quiet, contemplative affairs, the participants' minds focused on the Deep Maker, tentacles writhing in concentration. All that silent, closed-eyes meditation does leave them open to ambush, unfortunately, as the Lodge of the Harpoon has duly noted.

                        If all that's too much work, the ritemaster can just consume the brain of an individual that has a connection to the rite's symbols. For instance, Twilight Purge incorporates the symbols for sight, mirrors, corrosion, and the sun. A weresquid might complete this rite by eating the brain of a tanned model who's terrified of growing old and losing her beauty. Eating an appropriate brain for a rite allows the ritemaster to use his highest Mental Attribute, provides a +2 bonus to the roll, and cuts the time between rolls in half.
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                          Re@Damp Rites:


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                            LIMBS. LIKE ARMS AND OTHER THINGS.

                            First, a clarification of terms: For ease of reference, scientists often make a distinction between a squid's appendages: The eight shorter limbs are arms, while the two longer, penduncled ones are tentacles. Technically speaking, they're all tentacles though. Consider the terms interchangeable here (when in the appropriate form; human arms are still human arms).

                            The Deep Maker made a taxonomical mistake, or maybe it just cherry picked its favorite traits form different cephalopods. Unlike normal squids, and more like octopods, weresquids can regrow their limbs, faster than the Uratha can, even. By spending a point of Essence as an instant action, the regeneration process begins. An arm or leg takes about 12 hours to fully regrow, half an arm/leg takes 6 hours, a hand or foot takes 2 hours, and a finger or toe takes 1 hour.

                            The suckers that line a Kun-shulor's tentacles are themselves lined with razor-sharp teeth. Attempting to grapple a weresquid is almost always a mistake.

                            Newly-transformed Kun-shulor are often maladroit with wielding their tentacles for the first few shifts; the sensations are strange and alien, the human brain has to adjust for all the new nerve endings.

                            In fa'ra, a weresquid has tentacles only around his mouth, while the kirul form has both mouth-tentacles, and two human-esque arms that end in clusters of them. Two longer, penduncled appendages sprout from approximately the kirul's shoulder blades.

                            What else can a weresquid do with all these new limbs? Well. . .

                            GIFT OF TENDRILS

                            Cunning: The weresquid can voluntarily detach a limb by reflexively spending a point of Essence. The process is both painless and bloodless. This is good for escaping traps, falling boulders, and the jaws of enraged Blood Talons.

                            Honor: By wrapping a tentacle around a living being, the weresquid can drain them of their vital spark. Spend 1 Essence and roll Dexterity + Larceny + Honor vs Stamina + Primal Urge. Every net success deals one point of Lethal damage to the victim, and heals the user of one point of Lethal damage.

                            Purity: The weresquid gains some of the puissance of the krakens of myth. He adds his Purity rating to all grapple rolls, and can reflexively spend a point of Essence to reroll a grapple action.

                            Wisdom: The weresquid's tentacles pierce the Gauntlet, dragging her prey from one realm to the other. The Kun-shulor must somehow be aware of a target on the other side of the Gauntlet from her to use this Facet. She spends 2 Essence and rolls Strength + Occult + Wisdom (+/- Gauntlet Rating) - Defense. On a success, the target is pulled through the Gauntlet to the weresquid's side. On an exceptional success, the weresquid may immediately make one grapple move of her choice on the prey.


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                              IT'S FULL OF DHA. YOU NEED THAT TO BE HEALTHY.

                              Cerebrophagy is a touchy subject among weresquids. The instinct to consume is strong, but for all but the most unbalanced of the Kun-shulor, the revulsion of taboo is (usually) stronger. Many get their first taste of gray matter during an unfortunate episode of feeding frenzy. To the weresquid palate, brains, specifically human (and human-seeming) brains taste good. Very good. Often, after the first few feedings, the excuses start to pile up. He was a serial killer. She wasn't cooperating and I needed the information. He looked at me funny. I've never had Quebecois before. It's what the Deep Maker wants.

                              As mentioned previously, a weresquid must be in either fa'ra or kirul to consume a person's brain (straight from the head anyway). First, he must establish a grapple. Then he must perform a special new grapple move called Consume Brain. In fa'ra, the weresquid must use this move three times in a row to fully extract the brain, while as the monstrous kirul, he needs only a single turn of insertion. When performing the Consume Brain move, the weresquid wraps his buccal tentacles around the victim's head and digs into the back of the skull. Every turn that the weresquid uses the Consume Brain move, he inflicts his net successes in lethal damage as he opens up his victim's head. This does mean that certain beings with powerful enough regeneration can stall or even completely deter a Kun-shulor's efforts. A human that somehow survives a brain-eating attempt will require immediate hospitalization and intensive care, followed by innumerate psychotherapy sessions.

                              As also mentioned previously, when a weresquid consumes a person's brain, he gains five points of Essence and then rolls Intelligence + Primal Urge, with each success allowing him to ask one question that the victim's memories could answer. Brains are also incredibly nutritious for the Kun-shulor; consuming one alleviates all dietary needs for the next 24 hours. Brains can also function as rite symbols, to restate something else also mentioned above.

                              Anyway, to segue for a moment, a weresquid's Bone trait is called Brain instead (squids don't have bones, you see. . .). It otherwise functions like Bone in werewolves (Blood, incidentally, also functions like Blood in werewolves, though names and popular archetypes differ; maybe Fox is called Octopus? You can probably figure this out for yourself.). Additionally, if a weresquid consumes the brain of someone whose personality lines up with his Brain trait, the Kun-shulor recovers all spent Willpower points.

                              Consuming the brains of monsters can have all sorts of strange side-effects. The exact effects should be left up to Storyteller discretion, but here are some useful notes:

                              Some Prometheans and high-Sekhem mummies might not possess brains proper. This is definitely an unpleasant surprise. Trying to eat a mummy's brain is usually a bad idea anyway, what with sealing the flesh, death curses, resurrection, and the Arisen's vindictive streak.

                              Vampire brains are edible, but not very good. They only restore a single point of Essence, and count only as a single, poor-tasting meal for dietary purposes. Old vampires do know all sorts of interesting things, though. Also, vampires don't need their brains to live in the same way that non-vampires do. Having their brains eaten inflicts two points of aggravated damage (and can still be psychologically traumatic), but does not outright kill the vampire. With time and blood, the undead cerebellum will grow back. Neonates might risk Humanity loss from the experience, however. On Hong Kong Island, a ranking member of the Ordo Dracul named Victoria Zhou has been collaborating with a local shoal, allowing them to occasionally consume her brain for whatever odd ritual purposes they need it for, in exchange for information and insight into the Kun-shulor condition. She's working on a Protean Devotion that will let her mimic certain aspects of their anatomy. Her current research project is to figure out how much Vitae exists in an adult human brain.

                              Consuming a Sin-Eater's brain will kill her permanently, as that's too much integral trauma for a Geist to work off. However, the weresquid has to get through the Bound's Plasm reserves first, which is often more effort than it's worth. Usually. If the weresquid eats the brain of a high-Synergy Sin-Eater, he can asks questions of the Geist's memories as well.

                              In their biomechanical forms, demons have no brain to consume, or at the very least, no brain a weresquid can consume. Demons who realize what's going on will quickly shed all pretense of humanity to ensure their continued survival. If one of the Unchained is caught off guard though, they have one last defense: Roll the demon's Cover rating against the weresquid's brain interrogation roll. If the demon gains more successes, all the memories the weresquid can access come from the eaten Cover. The deceased demon's Primum will fabricate memories as need be.

                              Weresquids can't eat the brains of ephemeral beings like spirits or angels. Animal brains, by and large, do nothing for the Kun-shulor, though cryptids, Hedge beasts, and other sapient fauna might be exceptions.

                              FLAYER'S GIFT

                              Cunning: With skin-to-skin contact, the weresquid can read someone's surface thoughts without the need for telepathic intrusion.

                              Honor: Facets that target members of the Kun-shulor's shoal can also target individuals in telepathic contact with the weresquid.

                              Purity: The weresquid can directly assault the minds of others with psychic overload. She spends a point of Essence and rolls Presence + Occult + Purity (add three dice if she is already in telepathic contact with her target), contested by Resolve + Primal Urge. Every net success inflicts a point of bashing damage and strips the target of a point of Willpower. Someone reduced to zero Willpower this way gains the Stunned Tilt.

                              Wisdom: Add the Kun-shulor's Wisdom as automatic successes when sifting through the memories of a consumed brain.
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