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    The drawback makes little sense. Armor is going to look like a similar theme in different forms, but "remember and recognize the Armor" seems unlikely. Especially ignoring Lunacy effects.

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      wouldn't be better to say at higher levels of harmony (8 through 10) that it actively hurts for the armor to shift? maybe represented through penalty or 1 bashing damage


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        I agree, the drawback seems entirely unnecessary and makes no sense as it is, I would do away with it personally.

        Now making it a fetish I would just go straight to supernatural armor if it's a fetish that goes from 1 to 5 making it a scar fetish or tattoo, I would give a general 2 fetish rating, maybe 3 for a fetish on regular armor since it doesn't give the armor any supernatural traits other than shifting to fit the wolf forms to protect the body. Though an alternative with a 3 dot fetish you could modify the use of the Rage Glory facet to make it last a scene rather than just one attack.

        But this thread is for Rites which is why my suggestion was a translation of the dedicated clothing rite from 1ed
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          Rite of the Battle Brand (Pack, ••••)
          Blood Talon Rite
          A pack of howling, snarling Uratha wearing the war form and charging out of the darkness with Rage in their eyes is an intimidating sight. Most any
          human, and more than a few of the supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness, would flee in abject terror at such a vision of death bearing down on them. But when the natural intimidation factor of a werewolf’s Rage isn’t enough, the Blood Talons employ this rite, to pump themselves up before a battle and to intimidate their foes.

          Although many Blood Talon ritualists agree that the Rite of the Battle Brand is an original creation of their tribe, this rite has a bad reputation in some areas contested by the Pure. The imagery of the ritual is undeniably similar to that used in the rites of the Fire-Touched, and the Izidakh are known to employ similar pre-battle rituals. Whether this is a case of parallel evolution or one tribe appropriating the rituals of their enemies, ritualists are advised to step lightly when performing this rite in territories where war against the Anshega is common.

          Sample Rite: On the eve of battle, the ritualist and any participating werewolves gather in a large, open space and build a fire. This could be anything from an inferno in a clearing in the woods to a burning trash can in an empty parking lot, as long as the fire is at least bonfire-sized.

          Once the fire is banked up to its full intensity, the werewolves begin to circle around it, moving in a stuttering, uneven counterclockwise loop. As the shadows dance and flicker, the pack members change shape at random, striving to match their changes to the shifting firelight. The ritualist stands in the center of the ring next to the bonfire and shouts exhortations to Glory and Honor in battle. The ritual often takes a call-and-response form, with the ritualist bellowing a challenge that the participants answer with shouts, roars or howls.

          Finally, when the assembled werewolves are judged to be suitably worked up, the ritualist calls each forward in turn and sears him with a brand from the fire. The brand is usually made on the chest or arm, but some Blood Talons prefer to mark themselves on the brow. The brand inflicts a minimum of one point of lethal damage, but it is considered a point of pride to wear a more severe brand into battle.

          Dice Pool: Presence+Expression
          Action: Extended (5 Success needed per bonus dice, each roll takes 1 minute)
          Duration: Until Sunrise
          Effect: Once the rite is completed, the pack and the ritemaster receieve a bonus to attacks depending on how many successes where allocated to the rite, +1 if only 5, up to +5 bonus wth 25 successes, furthermore, compare the bonus recieved against any attacker Composure, the difference counts as a penalty to attack the werewolf blessed by this rite.

          Taken from Tribes of The Moon pg. 42, had to modify it a little but kept most of it unchanged