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  • Errol216
    So, I know where I want to go with this. By the time he hits PU10, he’ll have set up a protectorate where Pure and Forsaken abide by a lasting peace. He’ll still have a pack, even if it’s not his first. But where to start… I think I don’t want him to go for this concept to start; I want it to be a massive change in his worldview to go this route.

    I once described Batman as an Elodoth. I enjoyed that, emphasizing am sa namguli? a lot. So let’s start there: obsessed vigilante.

    Jacob used to be a Wolf-Blooded. Not really in the know, but just close enough on the periphery to understand a few things, to have been told to stay out of certain places and away from certain people. You could say it was lucky that his Change came upon him when the Urdaga needed him most, beneath the Judge’s Moon as a pack of Tzuumfin crashed out of a five-story window to descend upon the nearby Forsaken pack.

    He knew right away that, even though they survived and drove off the Pure, it would be his life’s ambition to put those dogs back in their place. They had tore through the families of their prey pack to get at them, and that tragedy would never be dislodged from the heart of that pack.

    Mental stats first: he wants to see them coming first. Societies are just pawns to this Elodoth, and brute strength is part of the werewolf package. So we’ll start Jacob off at Wits 3, Int 3, Resolve 2; Presence 3, Manip 2, Comp 2; Str/Dex/Sta 2.

    With skills, he’s gotta play the Elodoth. Social skills are his job, says the pack. Empathy 1, Expression 2, Intimidation 3, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2. And as a Uratha, he doesn’t get to skimp on the physical stuff, either. Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 1. Then, Investigation 2, Medicine 2. He has a specialty in Investigation (Genealogies), because he’s got a hard-on to find any other Ivory Claws around; Athletics (Climbing) and Medicine (Uratha Physiology) rounds him out.

    I’ve already decided he’s an Elodoth Blood Talon. He’ll spend his free dot on Politics to start understanding Uratha territories at a more abstract level. His free renown dot goes into Cunning.

    His Blood is the Monster. He doesn’t like holding back. Bone, though, is going to be Community Organizer as a prelude to things to come. His PU10 destiny is written into him; he just mostly ignores it and leaves the field fallow for a while. Too lazy to do Touchstones because it really means making more characters and I’m never going to play this guy.

    So, Gifts. Ward the Wolf’s Den is obvious. Read the World’s Loom is a good starter one, too. Pack Triumphs Together was tempting, but I think he’ll get that after his first pack is torn apart. For the Wolf Gift, I feel like I should use that Cunning Renown I’ve got, but… Cow the Prey is so Batman that I have to take it. For his rite, I’m going to be lazy and pick up Sacred Hunt as something the pack taught him on principle.

    Lastly, Merits. Code of Honor is obvious, but also obvious is that he won’t get any benefit from it in the long run. Moon-Kissed is nice, and we’ll apply it to Empathy so he can fulfill his role better. Fleet of Foot 1 and Indomitable also fit the obsessed vigilante concept well.

    So I’ve got me a puppy with delusions of morality who likes to resist the notion of becoming more spirit-like. He’ll float between Harmony 8 and 5, trying to keep to his code (whatever it is) but remaining too practical to stick to it permanently. It shatters immediately, for instance, when his pack needs him to actually run the Siskur-Dah for them.

    By the time he reaches PU4, he’s pull in about 80 Experiences and made a name for himself as Jacob Cleaver-of-Ivory. By this time, his pack is gone and he has gone silent and solitary for a while, roaming the world, infiltrating cities, finding Tzuumfin and ending them. It takes about a month for him to prepare properly for his hunt, which is nice since that’s how much time he has before Essence bleed.

    Honor Renown to 3. Costs 10 XP, gives 2 free Facets.
    Glory Renown to 2. Costs 5 XP, gives 1 free Facet.
    Cunning Renown to 3. Costs 10 XP, gives 2 free Facets.
    Purity Renown to 1. Costs 5 XP, gives 1 free Facet.

    Warding. Glory. Cunning.
    Inspiration. Glory. Honor.
    Gift of Dominance unlocked. Costs 5 XP. Cunning, Honor. Purity.
    Gift of Inspiration unlocked. Costs 3 XP. Glory. Cunning.
    Gift of Knowledge unlocked. Costs 5 XP. Honor.
    Gift of Stealth unlocked. Costs 5 XP. Cunning. Glory.

    Int 5 (8XP); Resolve 3 (4XP); Manip 4 (8XP); Strength 4 (8XP); Stealth 2 (4XP).

    When he’s at PU7, he’s mellowed. The revenge business no longer drives him in the same way, especially as the pack he’s avenging has been dead for over a decade. Indeed, the trail of broken, bloody bodies he’s left behind him: many murdered outright: has left him bothered in relation to his Oath to the Moon. His hunt is more abstract now, targeting Uratha who have interesting perspectives on the Oath; he isn’t hunting to kill, in these cases, but rather hunting their understanding. Unsurprisingly, this leaves him a little starved for Essence much of the time, but he’s hard to find and doesn’t seek out fights the way he used to, so he gets by. He eventually picks up a pack from these freethinkers, not entirely agreeing with them, but reveling in their passion for interpreting the Oath.

    Academics 3 (6XP); Computer 1 (2XP); Investigation 6 (16XP); Occult 2 (4XP); Politics 5 (8XP).
    Athletics 4 (4XP); Brawl 5 (6XP); Stealth 4 (4XP); Survival 4 (6XP).
    Animal Ken 2 (4XP); Empathy 5 (16XP); Socialize 5 (20XP).

    Blood and Bone Affinity (5XP); Weakest Link (2XP).
    Call Out (2XP); Flanking (2XP); Relentless Assault 5 (5XP); Warcry (2XP).
    Fame 2 (2XP); Sympathetic (2XP)

    Hrm. I was planning to write a thing with the Deceiver Lune here somewhere, but I’m feeling a bit dry. Let’s say he rallied both Pure and Forsaken alike to withstand the seduction of Lu’im Iduth, holding together a protectorate until the idigam was so moved by his rhetoric that it retreated into contemplation. By the time he takes the last step to PU10, he rules a small city as judge. A large network of Blooded and mortal informants keeps tabs on any strange goings-on and lets him and his pack know. They stand as judge, jury, and executioner but allow many of the accused and transgressing Uratha to argue their beliefs before any interested packs. Jacob’s pack is always interested.

    If judged guilty, there is a smile. And then he says, “Run.”

    Honor 5 costs 10XP, 2 free Facets.
    Glory 4 costs 10 XP, 2 free Facets.
    Wisdom 2 costs 10 XP; 2 free Facets.

    Knowledge (Glory). Inspiration (Glory, Honor). Stealth (Wisdom). Hunting (Wisdom).
    Rage unlocked (3XP). Glory, Honor.

    Allies 4, Allies 4 (8XP); Staff 4, Staff 4 (8XP).
    Inspiring (3XP). Status 4 (Protectorate) (4XP).

    Dedicated Locus 5 (5XP). Impartial Mediator (3XP); Resonance Shaper (3XP); Song In Your Heart (3XP).

    Presence 6 (12XP).

    Full stats at PU10:

    Jacob Enforcer-of-Peace
    Tribe: Blood Talon
    Auspice: Elodoth.
    Blood: Monster. Bone: Community Organizer.

    Strength 4; Dexterity 2; Stamina 2.
    Intelligence 5; Wits 3; Resolve 3.
    Presence 6; Manipulation 4; Composure 2.

    Academics 3; Computer 1; Investigation 6; Medicine 2; Occult 2; Politics 5.
    Athletics 4; Brawl 5; Stealth 4; Survival 4; Weaponry 1.
    Animal Ken 2; Empathy 5; Expression 2; Intimidation 3; Persuasion 2; Streetwise 1; Socialize 5; Subterfuge 2.

    Code of Honor.
    Allies 4, Allies 4; Staff 4, Staff 4. Status 4 (Protectorate).
    Inspiring; Fame 2; Sympathetic.
    Blood and Bone Affinity; Dedicated Locus 5. Impartial Mediator; Moon-Kissed (Empathy); Resonance Shaper; Song In Your Heart; Weakest Link.
    Call Out; Flanking; Relentless Assault 5; Warcry.
    Fleet of Foot 1; Indomitable.

    Primal Urge: 10
    Willpower: 5
    Harmony: 6
    Essence: 75/15
    Health: 7/8/9/8/6
    Renown: Honor 5; Glory 4; Cunning 3; Wisdom 2; Purity 1.

    Dominance. Cunning, Honor. Purity.
    Inspiration. Glory. Cunning. Honor.
    Knowledge. Honor. Glory.
    Rage. Glory, Honor.
    Stealth. Cunning. Glory. Wisdom
    Warding. Glory. Cunning.
    Hunting. Glory. Wisdom.

    I'm not really happy with how he turned out, but it is what it is.

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  • Cecoyotl
    What the hell? Aw hells no! Lycaon-Ur is one freaky scary werewolf. If this guy keeps up he'll definitely become a first born in no time. Interesting enough, he sounds more like a spirit--correction an idigam.

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  • espritdecalmar
    I'm kind of bad with accounting so this is all going to be descriptive for now. This is based off a sample character I made when reading over 2e Werewolf.

    S. Biting-Tongue, Thukith-Ur, Predator of Contradictions

    "Your syllogism is so fucking debased I want to rip your larynx out for ever uttering something so perversely moronic. Try a different angle next time or I really will."

    The world may have never seen a werewolf quite like S. Biting-Tongue before. This one is a mental predator, a hunter of ideas. He can sniff out the loose thread in any argument, deconstruct any worldview with his vicious teeth of reason. As an Iron Master, he prefers to hunt among humans, for the mortal herd believes itself to be bound to logic, and so can be ensnared by it most easily. Like Socrates, he can twist any dialogue into the direction he wills. Like Hypatia, he knows enough of the material world to bring the force of cold facts to his heady dialectics.

    Of course, for those who will not bow to the Philosopher Wolf's discourse, he will remind them what it means to be an apex predator, when pure rationality rests on the twin pillars of Blood and Bone. The Irraka will find your weakness, and there he will sink his claws.

    The would-be philosopher king's greatest shortcoming is that he does not actually make for a successful leader. He can tear others down, strip them of their beliefs and egos, but he has trouble building them back up again. Just because you find a contradiction doesn't mean your own assumptions are correct. In a pack of gods, he would serve well as a trusted Beta, always looking for the flaws in the commander's tactics, shoring up logical and logistical weaknesses.

    They say he has chased not-spirits into a realm of pure mind, a hunting ground worthy of his intellect which he would love nothing more than to bring to bear under his remit.

    They say he once devoured the foul flesh of a dead monster who claimed to be a shard of the world's very first philosopher, an all-seeing eye from an empire of scorpions.

    They say he solved the impossible riddle of an Idigam that threatened to devour a city, disproving its very nature and causing the creature to collapse into half-truths and false knowledge.

    They also say his Kuruth trigger is being forced to admit his own ignorance. (No one says this to his face though.)

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  • Errol216
    Originally posted by Aiden View Post
    Well he's about as terrifying as I had hoped he would be. He's a nice example of the Chronicles of Darkness not fitting into nice neat rules boxes.
    My first thought was, "Oh my god it's a mini-idigam."

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  • Aiden
    Well he's about as terrifying as I had hoped he would be. He's a nice example of the Chronicles of Darkness not fitting into nice neat rules boxes.

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  • nofather
    As cool as I thought my Bale Hound would be I don't think he'll compare to that. I don't have any homebrew stuff except a Gift of Adaptation and an Auspice/Tribe for the Tind'losi, which he wouldn't be a part of anyways and is still being worked on. I really like the Bodhisattva Predator bonuses.

    Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
    Devourer: Lycaon-Ur gains twice as much Essence as normal from consuming human flesh. Doing so also heals him for a single point of lethal or bashing damage per point of Essence gained in this way, and he can remove a Tilt after consuming an entire body in this way (even a persistent Tilt). Whenever a member of the Lodge of the Field consumes human flesh, Lycaon-Ur gains a single point of Essence from the feeding. Lycaon-Ur can consume anything and draw sustenance from it without suffering any sort of detrimental effects, toxicity or the like. Anything he consumes is annihilated utterly, and his bite attack deals aggravated rather than lethal damage.
    I'm guessing the twice as much Essence is stacked on top of the Gift of Essence's Marrow Eater, giving him potentially 28 Essence for your average human?

    Whatever horror this guy is I'm hoping we see more of it in the books and options for it.

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  • Acrozatarim
    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post

    Okay, it's decided - all the Bale Hounds have Vice now, as third Anchor!
    Lycaon-Ur isn't a Bale Hound

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  • wyrdhamster
    Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
    Blood: Alpha Bone: Guru Vice: Gluttony (yes, he has a Vice as well)
    Okay, it's decided - all the Bale Hounds have Vice now, as third Anchor!

    Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
    (Rest of Lycaon-Ur write-up)
    Man, this is scary - I live over 450 kilometers from this beast and I will have now problems to sleep at night...

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  • Acrozatarim
    Originally posted by Cecoyotl View Post

    Actually I would not mind seeing Lycaon's stats. That dude is scary but interesting.

    I think can work up one of my alpha characters from my Mexico City chronicles. They say he's been around since the fall of Teotihuacan and is considered the scariest bone shadow around Mexico.

    Ok, well here is one of several write-ups I have for what Lycaon-Ur might be, and the most 'traditional' in that he's not outright a spirit or angel or whatnot. It, er, horribly breaks Claire's rules in the first post (sorry Claire!) and features some ideas I have been playing around with for elder werewolves that are just my musings and in no way an indication of how official products may treat them.

    Tribe: Ghost Wolf
    Auspice: None. Lycaon-Ur possesses a unique equivalent in the Blessing of Zeus, below.
    Blood: Alpha Bone: Guru Vice: Gluttony (yes, he has a Vice as well)

    Intelligence 4 Wits 5 Resolve 6
    Strength 6 Dexterity 4 Stamina 8
    Presence 6 Manipulation 5 Composure 2

    Academics 3 Crafts 3 Investigation 4 Medicine 2 Occult 5 Politics 4
    Athletics 4 Brawl 7 Stealth 6 Survival 5 Weaponry 4
    Animal Ken 5 Empathy 5 Expression 6 Intimidation 7 Persuasion 6 Socialise 4 Streetwise 3 Subterfuge 3

    Allies 5 (Lodge of the Field), Dedicated Locus 5, Fortified Form 5 (Gauru, Urshul), Indomitable, Instinctive Defence 2, Iron Stamina 3, Iron Will, Language 4, Living Weapon 5 (Urshul), Relentless Assault 4, Resources 5, Retainer 4, Safe Place 5, Staff 5, Status 5 (Lodge of the Field), Striking Looks 1, Tactical Shifting 5

    Primal Urge: 10
    Willpower: 8
    Harmony: 5 (See Stainless Harmony below)
    Essence: 100/20 (See Bodhisattva Predator below)
    Health: 13
    Renown: Cunning 4, Glory 4, Honor 3, Purity 3, Wisdom 4
    Influence: Hunger 5

    Gifts: Death (Cold Embrace, Barghest, Bone Gnaw), Dominance(All), Elementals (Catastrophe, Tongue of Flame), Evasion (All), Insight (Prey on Weakness, Read the World’s Loom, Scent the Unnatural, One Step Ahead), Stealth (Shadow Pelt, Predator’s Shadow, Running Silent), Strength (All), Warding (All), Weather (Hunt Under Iron Skies), Change (All), Hunting (All), Pack (Maw of Madness). If you use the Gift of Essence from the Giver of Gifts article, Lycaon-Ur also has access to all of the Facets of that Gift.

    Bodhisattva Predator: Having transcended into something greater, Lycaon-Ur has an increased Essence Pool and Essence per turn capability. He is capable of entering the Sacred Hunt at any time without needing to perform the rite, simply gaining the Siskur-Dah Condition against a prey of his choice. He is a set part of reality and cannot be removed from it except by his death; attempts to delete Lycaon-Ur from the timeline, rewrite reality so that he is not part of it or otherwise utterly unmake him will fail.
    Totemic Transcendence: Achieved enlightenment through spiritual power, becoming a totem. Lycaon-Ur gains Influences as if he were a spirit of Rank equal to his honorary Rank, using Presence + Wits in place of Power + Finesse. He gains 3 Essence per day and 1 additional point of Influence due to serving as a totem to his Lodge. He also gains the usual capabilities of a Lodge totem to detect Lodge members, etc.
    Enlightenments: Lycaon-Ur has access to the following powers:
    Enlightened Renown (Cunning, Glory): Lycaon-Ur gains the Rote quality on all dice pools that include his Cunning or Glory Renowns.
    Inviolate Soul: Lycaon-Ur’s soul cannot be damaged, tampered with or removed by anything but an idigam, and while on the Sacred Hunt no mind-influencing affects can cause him to turn from his prey.
    Primal Form (Urshul): Lycaon-Ur adds his Purity to his Strength and Size in Urshul form.
    Radiant Flesh: As well as his normal regeneration, Lycaon-Ur regenerates a single point of aggravated damage every turn.
    Stainless Harmony: Lycaon-Ur’s Harmony is set at 5 and cannot change.

    Devourer: Lycaon-Ur gains twice as much Essence as normal from consuming human flesh. Doing so also heals him for a single point of lethal or bashing damage per point of Essence gained in this way, and he can remove a Tilt after consuming an entire body in this way (even a persistent Tilt). Whenever a member of the Lodge of the Field consumes human flesh, Lycaon-Ur gains a single point of Essence from the feeding. Lycaon-Ur can consume anything and draw sustenance from it without suffering any sort of detrimental effects, toxicity or the like. Anything he consumes is annihilated utterly, and his bite attack deals aggravated rather than lethal damage.

    Hungerer: Lycaon-Ur is continually hungry and must spend a point of Essence every day that he goes without consuming human flesh. Simply by touching another character, he can cause them to gain the Gluttony Vice. A character so affected can be subject to the Claim manifestation by hunger spirits without needing to be Controlled first.

    Clockwork Heart: Lycaon-Ur is attuned to a unique object, an egg of gears and lightning that is well-hidden. If killed while still possessing Essence, Lycaon-Ur will reform around the egg like a spirit would, the egg replacing his heart. Once reformed in this way, the egg serves as a normal heart would; removing it will kill Lycaon-Ur.

    Forge Spawn: By spending 10 Essence, Lycaon-Ur can vomit out a new-born Rank 1 hunger spirit.

    Forge Hive-Claimed: By spending 50 Essence, Lycaon-Ur can force a hunger spirit to bond to an existing hunger-Claimed, creating a Hive-Claimed. He may not force a spirit to bond to a Hive-Claimed that already has 10 or more spirits in it.

    Blessing of Zeus: In place of a normal auspice, Lycaon-Ur has a unique Glory-related auspice power set from the messenger that Changed him. The first four Facets of this Gift grant him various benefits, some of which are included in the above powers; he is also immune to damage from electricity or lightning, and gains the Blast Numina (using Presence + Wits in place of Power + Finesse). If Lycaon-Ur continues to lead the Lodge of the Field to success, he will gain Glory 5 and unlock the final Facet, effect currently unknown.

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  • nofather
    I had a hard time figuring what my character would become after so much power, so I settled on two options. In the first case, he's sort of curbed his evil side and abandoned his weird philosophy and embraced his more technological side. In the second case, he's gone all out, basically becoming a Bale Hound. In both cases it's sans pack, as I think the werewolves of high primal urge rarely form packs, their interests becoming so focused and specialized that it would be hard to really team up with others outside of special occasions.

    Having dragged his way up from humble beginnings, Malcolm Black has embraced what he is for the most part and fully accepted the responsibility of being a Forsaken. It took years but he eventually made a name for himself after having made a series of apps that allow for secure, nigh-untraceable communications and sending of images. Designed for werewolves in the region, it was quickly embraced by more tech-savvy supernaturals as well as the cyber security and cyber crime community.

    Officialy, he spends his time advising cyber crime units in how to shore up defenses and plug leaks while also publicly standing for a neutral, free-for-all internet. He uses his access to keep an ear open to the shifts of politics, for he's not entirely on the side of the law. Occasionally news of crackdowns leaks to the online underground through him, and he still puts out scripts to take advantage of loopholes in the security of certain companies. Crime isn't really a danger to the internet, for the most part, and he believes his assistance helps people on both sides of the law to become better at what they do.

    He dedicates most of his hunts to the forces that wish to destroy or irrevocably alter the internet. More and more nations are seeing the internet as a weak point in their authority and trying to crack down, while others try to break off contact altogether. Corporations and politicians are constantly trying to rein it in, find ways to corrupt the internet to their own gains. Putting down these threats makes up most of his Sacred Hunts.

    It's not all mundane, of course. While he's constantly surprised that more supernaturals haven't embraced the internet and directed their magics to it, those few he's found have been particularly canny and defensive about it. This has led to some brutal fights and occasional losses, but also strange alliances and even friendships. His closest relations aren't with humanity or even the Uratha at all, as he maintains pacts with powerful spirits across the internet, occasionally offering gathra in the form of vanquished enemies. He has a personal distaste for the original Lodge of Wires and the elusive Brother Eye spirit, seeing the internet as more of a world to itself than simply a tool to affect the real world.

    Lately he's found his thoughts and memories becoming strange and detached, images and moments from his past popping up with crystal clear clarity. While still accurate, he's found it took little effort to actually edit or delete these memories, erasing them from his mind completely. He's hesitant to experiment with this much, though it would be tempting to 'shop' the memories of his First Change. He still recalls what he was like during his first years as an Uratha, and believes that if he went back to that with the power and influence he has now, everything he loves would be doomed.

    Malcolm Black, the Online Predator
    Elodoth Iron Master

    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 7, Wits 6, Resolve 6
    Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
    Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 4, Composure 2

    Mental: Academics 3, Computers 8 [Hacking, Programming], Crafts 7 [Computers], Investigation 5 [Online], Medicine 1, Politics 5, Science 6
    Physical: Brawl 4, Firearms 5, Larceny 2 [Breaking Into Places], Stealth 1
    Social: Empathy 1, Expression 1, Persuasion 6, Socialize 1, Streetwise 5 [Hackers], Subterfuge 4

    Controlled Burn, Resonance Shaper, Self Control,Sounds of the City, Contacts: Tech Industry 4, Allies: Hackers 4, Resources 4,
    Fame: Tech 3, Status 3: Interpol Cybercrime Division, Status 3: Hackers

    Half-Moon 5
    Knowledge: All
    Technology: Cunning, Glory, Honor, Purity
    Insight: Cunning, Glory, Wisdom
    Inspiration: Cunning, Glory, Wisdom
    Dominance: Cunning
    Shaping: Purity
    Stealth: Cunning, Glory, Purity
    Warding: Cunning, Glory, Honor
    Cities: Cunning, Honor, Purity, Wisdom
    Essence: Glory, Honor, Wisdom
    Change: Wisdom
    Hunting: Cunning, Glory, Wisdom

    Sacred Hunt, Chain Rage, Messenger, Shadowbind, Fetish, Veil
    He has an arsenal of strange fetishes that incorporate his Gifts into cyberspace. I lost track of the Experiences near the end when I made fine touches, so it might be a little off one way or another.

    I have to admit, while I started off enthused I never really got thrilled with this one. It was originally one of the character concepts for Malcolm, more of a tech wolf. I imagined at Primal Urge 10, he'd basically be a sort of a Father Wolf for the Cyber-Pangaea, perhaps one day becoming a lodge totem or even comparable to a Firstborn, but not unless he became a lot more involved with other Uratha and we jumped ahead to more cyberpunk days.

    Malcolm's computer abilities are great but they're not something he'd really lose himself into like that, and I've gotten really invested in him as a character. He's very fun to play, but I get the feeling most people would disagree. Next time I'll post what I imagine to be his true 'Final Form.'
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  • Cecoyotl
    Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
    I figure it would be cheating if I did a stat block for Lycaon.
    Actually I would not mind seeing Lycaon's stats. That dude is scary but interesting.

    I think can work up one of my alpha characters from my Mexico City chronicles. They say he's been around since the fall of Teotihuacan and is considered the scariest bone shadow around Mexico.

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  • The young man in the cafe
    Name: Joshua "Killer of Dreams" Forest-Planter
    Player: The young man in the cafe
    Blood: Legend
    Bone: Artist
    Concept: Hollywood hunter
    Auspice: Cahalith
    Tribe: Iron Masters
    Lodge: Lodge of the Silver Screen


    intelligence: 5 strength: 5 presence: 4

    wits: 7 dexterity: 5 manipulation: 6

    resolve: 4 stamina: 4 composure: 3



    Academics (movie history): 6

    computer: 2

    Crafts (camera equipment): 5







    Athletics: 6

    Brawl: 7






    Weaponry: 6


    animal ken:

    Empathy: 6

    Expression (flim making): 8


    Persuasion: 6 (film pitches)

    Socialize: 5


    Subterfuge: 7


    Totem: 3

    Resources: 5

    Safe place: 5

    dedicated locus: 4

    Fame: 3

    Staff ( camera crew) (special effects artists): 2

    Contacts (film industry): 1

    Alternate identity: 3

    Max health: 9

    max will power: 7

    primal urge: 10

    max essence: 75

    Perception: 10


    Purity: 3

    Glory: 4

    Honor: 2

    Wisdom: 2

    Cunning: 4

    harmony: 3

    Kuruth Triggers

    Passive: Someone acts to obstruct you from achiving your desires

    Common: anyone betrays you

    Specific: a pack mate betrays you


    Moon gifts:

    gibbous moon's gift: 4

    Shadow Gifts:

    Gift of knowledge:

    This story is true (glory)

    Know thy prey (honor)

    Lay of the Land (purity)

    Needle (cunning)

    Sift the Sands (wisdom)

    Gift of Shaping:

    Perfection of form (purity)

    Shield breaker (glory)

    Entropy's toll (honor)

    Moldywarp (cunning)

    Gift of inspiration:

    Lunatic inspiration (cunning)

    Fearless Hunter (glory)

    Gift of technology:

    Shutdown (purity)

    Garble (cunning)

    Unmake (glory)

    Gift of Insight:

    Scent the unnatural (purity)

    Read the world's Loom (glory)

    Gift of weather:

    Hunt under iron skies (honor)

    Heavens unleashed (glory)

    Hunt of Fire and Ice (wisdom)

    Grasp of howling winds (purity)

    Wolf gifts:

    the father's form (purity)

    Luna's embrace (honor)

    Skin Thief (cunning)

    Impossible Spoor (wisdom)


    Sacred Hunt: 2

    Hunting ground: 2

    Fetish: 4

    Moon's mad love: 2

    Left over exp: 1

    Bio: Joshua has come far from being the teenage film nerd hiding both his asexuality and his defection to the Forsaken from his Pure parents. In the decades since, Josh became a famous producer and began hunting the movers and shakers of hollywood, reasoning that the film industry's influence over human emotion and belief, and therefore essence, gave the movie and television creators too much power over the shadow and has joined a lodge with similar views to assist him in the task of preventing Hollywood from affecting the shadow in all the wrong ways (and help his own films succeed in the process) earning the deed name "Killer of dreams" for the effiency that he destroyed potenialy harmful projects.

    After using his contacts in the film industry, along with lay of the land, shift the sands and lay open the world's loom, to identify projects that would create harmful essence, Joshua begins his hunt.
    Gaining access to the sets of productions he wishes to sabotage is easy, given his use of skin thief and his abilities of persuasion to replace someone who is supposed to be there. If necessary, he will use luna's embrace, along with his alternate identity of Alaine Harper, a famous but reclusive actress , to get a lead role in the production and destroy it from within. The use of moldywarp allows access to sets that can't be breached socially.

    On outdoor shoots, he uses the gift of weather to ruin the filming conditions, while entropy's toll and various technology gift facets make for a great way to sabotage set pieces and equipment.

    A few encounters with LA's vampires have led him to obtain the Scent the unnatural facet and improve his combat skills. He carries a few stakes in his briefcase, just in case

    Lunatic inspiration is used to improve his own works and he uses the fetish rite to bind spirits of certain concepts into the master copies of his films

    However, he is lonely. despite being asexual, he is not aromatic and understands that sex is just something he would have to put up with to sustain a relationship. Joshua learned the moon's mad love rite back when he thought he could make it work with a human fan of his films, but that ended very badly, though that doesn't stop him from trying again every so often though each time it ends in disaster. For all his success as a producer, he has become mentally seperate from the human herd in many ways. In fact, it could be argued that his career in Hollywood is the only thing keeping him anchored to humanity at all and his attempts to find love with a human woman reflect a need to pull himself back toward the flesh.

    Too bad, given that two of the female members of his pack are involved in a love triangle over him, of which he is completely unaware. For Joshua, while he has learned much more about sexual behavior since his high school days, is still just clueless enough to not see the potential love waiting for him in his own pack.

    For now, it is just him, his art, his career and his hunt.

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  • Acrozatarim
    I figure it would be cheating if I did a stat block for Lycaon.

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  • MCN
    I'll work up my Savior of Detroit, Alexis Fox. Her self appointed mission is to hunt down all the decay and destructive resonance in Motor City and bind them all away, so that the city can revive. It'll be interesting to work her up to an alpha wolf. Cahalith Storm Lord might be an unusual choice for this, but she started off as part of a twice-blessed pack in a game...

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  • Claire Redfield
    Originally posted by nofather View Post
    Just for curiosity's sake, is your character Primal Urge 10, or are you talking about as if they reached that point for the purposes of the alpha predator challenge?

    Having a particularly hard time figuring out what my character would be doing in 8 Primal Urges.
    The character is Primal Urge 10, as the concept of the challenge. You've hit the peaks of power, and I'm curious what your super-werewolves look like. I think what I'll do is create Amari at basic level, then show how she's changed at "alpha predator" level.

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