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    Originally posted by Almarck View Post
    Yeah I give this guy good odds of shreding a Tenno. Maybe even a whole cell. Werewolves with personal shields are so much harder to kill.

    So what's your personal universe? What kind of werewolf character would come from there'?
    It's pretty much real-world Earth, but set in 2018 (and six years after a big shadow war that shook the World of Darkness). I still have to compile everything, but this universe is partly inspired by elements of various CofD/NWoD campaigns I've seen online, as well as a few shows and games (i.e: Assassin's Creed, The Secret World, Huntik, Gargoyles, etc.). There's also a few Hunter groups that are full-blown "cancer conspiracies" due to having supernatural members. One is essentially my version of the Illuminati.

    The other is Tenshin, a hidden organization based in Japan whose hunters are more or less a cross between ninja and samurai (think Warframe and Assassin's Creed, and/or the Shadow Organization from Kekkaishi). I'm still trying to work out their origins, which I know partly stems from the Gimu Compact found in the Dark Eras draft.

    The werewolf I'm planning on posting in the future is an ally (or even member) of Tenshin. And a Cahalith of the Hunters in Darkness. I'm still working out his backstory, though, on top of the homebrew Moon Gift he might have, the Gift of the Dreaming Moon.
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      While this is a Necro, and I apologize for that...I just realized that Claire never showed us a PU 10 Amari... and that sorta sucks because she’s an interesting uratha. That, and this inspired me to try my hand at this too, albeit years later haha...


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        I've been thinking about it too. I wanted to make a proper bale hound version of Malcolm. Though he goes by Max now. I never settled on anything too much, I cribbed some off of Lycaon-Ur, with him being able to send whisperer to harangue those he uses hunter's aspect on (treated as wyrdhamster's Whisperers-as-Conditions idea), any use of willpower would taint an area to be like a wound for a short period of time (a day), and his gauru form looking more demonic as he was attempting to get his 'true name' as a demon written down via a cult.

        So many to do. Hopefully I'll get around to it when we get Shunned by the Moon. I've a Pure I've been wanting to do too.

        Is Claire still around? I hope my asking about her name didn't drive her away.
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