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  • HOLY SH***

    It has just occurred to me- if the Perspective is Bird the Pangaean, and the Perspective is described as "sick" many times through its writeup, what if the reason Bird has isolated itself from reality is not due to some clever trickery to survive the collapse, but because it is, well, infected- and I mean, contagion infected. What if the whole "Perspective" thing is just the "Bird Contagion"'s vector, and how it infect other people? What if the only thing which stops a world wide apocalypse is the fact that Bird is trapped in some god forsaken place, and can infect only those whose sight can pierce into that world? Maybe all the radioactive thing is meant to heal her? Or maybe free her and allow her to spread her defiled wings and bring fourth a contagion like never seen before?

    Now, that's terrifying.

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    • That's neat. My personal idea was that Perspective is Bird's Bane. Whatever the Pangaean tore out of reality and cast away grew deformed and infected over millenia. Now it has crawled its way back into the world, leaving Bird terrified.



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        • So I used Chris’s
          Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
          Come See The Flowers
          idea in my game and crossed it with the Little Shop of Horror’s Audrey II to have more direct physical threat for the pack.

          Now players want’s to risk Sacred Hunt on it, so I’m preparing full stats. Take in mind it’s more like lesser reincarnation of Spring – or one of it’s more powerful Pangean children, I suppose. Could be run as final Flowers Host form, kinda.

          But first questions here:

          1. ANY werewolf – theoretically – can kill any Pangean?! Do I read rules correctly in Sundered World Dark Era?
          • As well as their normal ban and bane, all Pangaeans treat the natural weapons of werewolves as their bane, regardless of the honorary Rank of the werewolf or the Rank of the Pangaean. Even Urfarah has this weakness.
          2. Would Pangean like Flowers be suitable to common fire damage? It’s not their Bane, but it’s something that normally can make damage to physical flowers. So maybe Lethal or Bashing damage?

          Now to the Pangean itself…

          <Description – In short, a living, breathing carpet of exotic flowers that spring from Spring Omphalos Stone. There are all one, big, living and thinking entity, connected by tentacles-like roots in ground. >

          Flowers of Spring, Rejuvenating and Blossoming
          Rank 4 Pangaean

          Power 7 Finesse 12 Resistance 10
          Willpower 10 Essence 25
          Initiative 22 Defense 7 Speed 19
          Size 30 ( Whole clearing filled with flowers ) Corpus 40

          Influences: Flowers 4, Healing 3
          Numina: Awe, Armored Hide(1), Burrow, Drain, Home Ground ( around Omphalos Stone ), Hypnotic Gaze, Pierce Mind, Regenerate
          Arcana: Life 4
          Ban: Flower must heal and protect anyone that lay dead sacrifice for them in blood for their roots.
          Bane: Fire from Pangea?

          Divine Bleed: The first time in a scene that they suffer Corpus damage, Flowers may reflexively use the Awe, Drain or Hypnotic Gaze Numina for free. They may also use the Create power of his Influence (Flowers) for free each time he suffers damage, or they may create a Rank 1 flower spirit instead.

          Grappling Vines: Each turn, beside using normal Numina, Flowers can attack using their roots as tentacle vines. If they do damage larger than Strength of the target – they can choose one Grapple Move for free. ( See CoD Rulebook, page 89 )

          Overwhelming Scent: A mortal human who smells Flowers suffers an Integrity breaking point. If this roll is failed, the character gains the Swooned persistent condition for the Flowers. Mortal has very pleasant hallucination connected to Flowers then and is assumed to be victim of Pierce Mind Numina.
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