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  • They might also need a -2 Spell Factor for larger targets if the Woofs are in a form bigger than Size 5.

    Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
    Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


    • Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
      They might also need a -2 Spell Factor for larger targets if the Woofs are in a form bigger than Size 5.
      Scale +1 affects both number of targets and maximum size of each target (to Size 10, with Advanced Scale). Scale is a single factor, you don't need to take multiple penalties for moving different 'parts' of it down the chart.

      Not trying to derail the thread at all - but I've seen more than a few instances of people underestimating what the Arcana dots in a Pangaean's write-up actually mean, in practice. The fact that these monstrosities have so much power at their disposal as a side-note is terrifying, but the fact that it is a sidenote seems to leave people underestimating what they can do with it.


      • Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
        Here's another Pangaean someone asked me to write up. Oh yes, it's a Lion.


        Lion is a monster. All Pangaeans are inhuman, of course, and in thrall to their own strange drives and divine ordinances, but Lion is something else—a being woven of self-contradiction and, perhaps, broken at some fundamental, metaphysical level. Perhaps Lion was once something far more, far greater, but now it is a lurching nightmare ensnared by its own destructive impulses.

        Lion is a gaunt leviathan of dessicated, tawny-furred flesh, with hide stretched taught over bones. Long and livid rents mar the Pangaean’s flesh, and its muzzles are all stained red with its own blood. Sometimes, black splotches or geometric patterns drip from Lion’s mane to crawl a breath’s distance over its fur, briefly becoming holes to a place that is no-where, or gouges into the divine flesh beneath that bubble forth tar, or ripping open right into the realm of thoughts and dreams. Rarely, Lion undergoes a dramatic transformation, ripping apart along the red lines that jigsaw its body to form two rival Pangaeans, driven to scheme and battle against one another to satisfy Lion’s desperate need for dominance over something, anything.

        Lion is cruel to anything less powerful it encounters, not out of a sadistic desire for pleasure but because the yearning for power and mastery is woven through its faulty, ruined being. Humans who grovel and pledge servitude can sometimes stay the god’s hand, stroking the ego of a being who gains no real satisfaction from such sycophancy but desperately laps it up nonetheless, an addict denied true sustenance and thus grasping at anything that might offer even a moment’s respite. Beyond that, Lion leaves arid, hungry landscapes in its wake, littered with feuding prides of its lion children.

        Lion, Bloody and Starven
        Rank 4 Pangaean
        Power 12 Finesse 10 Resistance 11
        Willpower 10 Essence 25
        Initiative 21 Defence 10 Speed 42
        Size 55 Corpus 66
        Influences: Lions 4, Strife 2
        Numina: Awe, Dement, Drain, Emotional Aura, Entropic Decay, Regenerate, Speed
        Arcana: Mind 4
        Ban: Lion must must offer audience and refrain from hostility to anyone who comes to it with a genuine and honest pledge of servitude, but is not bound further if the offer of audience is refused or if the visitor acts against it.
        Bane: An item made with at least one incisor tooth from each of eleven beings who have achieved genuine satisfaction or peace with their lives and their position in society, and feel no envy, bitterness, or spite over such matters.

        Crushing Jaws: Whenever Lion deals damage with its attack, it also applies the Arm Wrack Tilt to all of the victim’s arms, and the Leg Wrack Tilt to all of the victim’s legs.

        Dissatisfaction: Whenever a character has a major ambition or desire frustrated or foiled in Lion’s presence, the Pangaean may reflexively initiate a Clash of Wills against that character. If successful, Lion may tear out their soul. It can then expend such a soul at a later date to use the Implant Mission Numen on a target, paying no Essence cost, and also attaching a new Aspiration to dominate others to the target as long as they are under the Obsessed Condition in addition to its normal effects.

        Divine Bleed: The first time in a scene that it suffers Corpus damage, Lion may reflexively use the Awe, Dement, or Emotional Aura Numina for free. It may also use the Create power of its Influence (Lions) for free each time it suffers damage, or it may create a Rank 1 lion spirit instead.

        Feast Or Famine: Lion may spend a point of Essence when touching a being with one or more Aspirations. For the following decade, that creature no longer gains sustenance in the usual manner. Rather, fulfilling an Aspiration in a session grants it sustenance for the remainder of the chapter regardless of local conditions or what it consumes, while failing to fulfil any Aspiration in a session inflicts a point of aggravated damage on it and the progress of starvation conditions as appropriate.

        Flawhide: By spending 5 Essence, Lion can open the holes in its hide into the Temenos, allowing a single goetia to emerge each turn fully Materialized (regardless of the goetia’s usual lack of Manifestations). These goetia usually come from concepts of ambition, conflict, hunger, strife, challenge, and dominance, but sometimes the ruined Pangaean vomits forth stranger or entirely unrelated thought-forms into the world. Such goetia obey Lion for the remainder of the scene but are thereafter free to do as they wish, do not return to the Temenos, and remain materialized.

        Flesh Sunder: If Lion has not killed a creature challenging its dominance nor received any pledges of servitude within a month, it rips into two Rank 3 Lions which are henceforth driven to seek dominance over one another. After one of these perishes, the other is restored to Rank 4, usually by devouring the corpse of the loser.

        Hunger Drive: Every character in the presence of Lion is immediately and deeply aware of their driving ambitions and desires, whether simple needs such as food or more metaphorical hungers such as a desire to lead their village. Every turn the character acts on their most intense drive, they regain a point of Willpower. Lion gains a point of Essence each time a character gains a point of Willpower in this way.

        Lion God: Lion is aware of the health and emotional state (basic information like fear, pain, hunger, etc) of all lions within eleven miles of its location. Lion must kill any lion that enters its presence which currently has established dominance over a pride of lions. By touching a human incapacitated by hunger or starvation, Lion may cause a single lion to tear its way free of the human’s body and into existence.

        Monstrous Form: Lion has Armour 11, and may spend 1 Essence to shrug off any Tilt it experiences. These benefits do not apply to attacks from its Bane.

        Overwhelming Presence: A mortal human who encounters Lion suffers an Integrity breaking point. If this roll is failed, the character gains the Madness persistent condition.

        Plainswake: All plant life within a mile of Lion dries and withers rapidly, killing species that cannot resist such a dessicating presence.
        I absolutely adore this! I LOVE the idea that just because Pangaeans are gods doesn't mean they can't be cancerous, tainted or fundamentally broken.

        I'd love to see someone write up a blue whale Pangaean. I'll give it a shot if no one else will, but I'm not so sure I could do it justice.