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Apocalypse Tribes as 2E Lodges

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    Here is the Tribe that need to change most as the Lodge – With Iron Masters being almost entirely what Glass Walkers being in Apocalypse, I needed to fine new focus for them as Cult of Hunt. As ‘Adaptability’ and ‘Survival’ is impossible to hunt for and Red Wolf took much of this ideas in to herself as Firstborn – I made controversial decision and changed Totem of them from Cockroach to Ant, leading them to be more builders and modernists, that solely survivors what they would be following original Totem. I hope you like it, even with changes so great there. I think that characters of Max Roman from official Colorado setting would be perfect for this Lodge.

    Glass Walkers
    Workers, Protectors, ???

    Glass is one of humanities first true creations – art in the pure form. There were earlier accomplishments and inventions, but glass was first thing done only as ornate, only to please eye. Glass is very delicate. Like relationships between us.

    By legends, glass making was discovered by humanity in ancient Mesopotamia. Same region that hosted Sumerican City of Bau - a place where man, spirit and werewolf live together in awareness of one another, with man appeasing spirit and worshipping the Dog-Kings of Sumer—the Ur-Sag, the dog-headed heroes. Where lone werewolf sects become Tribes of Moon. Where they created first ever created Protectorate. ( See Forsaken Chrocniler’s Guide III – To Transform )

    Then called Glass Workers, they were there when City of Bau rose. They seeded true Uratha society, based on herds models and changing times. They reminded their brothers and sisters that Pangea felt centuries before and it’s time to move forward. It’s time to adapt and build new werewolf society. Better society.

    Like glass is shaped, all the traditions and norms are shaped by the people making them. Glass Workers made rest of werewolves to become Tribes we know them today and spark the new Protectorates – like the City of Bau – where they can. ‘Uratha are one People’, and like humans, they need community. So Lodge will form it for them, just like humans were making beautiful glass art for centuries. But as City of Bau have fallen, all Protectorates come to their end. Just like human societies, sooner or later old Uratha communities fall apart and need to be reworked. It’s okay, Lodge is there to end it and start the seed of new structure.

    From XX century era of skyscrapers they love to live in – as most Protectorates come to being in cities - Lodge renamed to Glass Walkers are guardians and makers of them around the world. They understand that each werewolf community is different, but they try each time to seed new society and cooperation. They also point out the moments were old system stops to work and it’s time to remake it into something new, just like glass need to be shaped into new form when it’s lose it’s purpose. They hunt traitors, interlopers or just threats to local Protectorates. They look for cubs to join next packs of existing communities and look for new dangers they can brought. And all the time they look for ways to improve Protectorates, based on human society inventions.

    Glass Walkers are entwined with Tribes of Moon. As City of Bau were first Protectorate, so them cultivate it’s traditions of change. Most of members are from Iron Masters, as they focus on shifting societies and how Uratha can take what’s best of human organizations. Rest are generally Storm Lords, concerned with how to lead Uratha and what changes to local laws need to be brought for community of People can thrive.

    Totem: Ant
    Glass Walkers follow tireless Ant, that build and rebuild. Like her physical children, when structure is weakening, they need to repair it. Finally, structures cannot be remade, and new ‘hive’ need to be started.

    Blessing: Adherent have one level better Impression with his own Protectorate members and 9-Again ability on any roll for Opening Doors.
    Aspiration: To build and defend Protectorate.
    Ban: A Lodge member cannot live more than lunar month outside of Protectorate territory.

    The Sacred Hunt
    The Lodge Sacred Hunt grants your character the ability to track weakness to the Protectorate – sensing ‘weak spots’, pointing to future problems for society. He will have sensation that some Uratha or spirit is trying to betray community, trying to break it.

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      And next Tribe to join family of Lodges. I hope that this Fianna works closely with Apocalypse original.

      Children of Stag, Bards, Tale-Seekers
      “We will remember.” Its the motto for the Uratha children of Stag. Hailing from celtic oral tradition, this Lodge is dedicated to uncovering stories and songs because they are making People what they are now. Fianna are especially dedicated to finding tales from times of Pangea and hunts of Urfarah. They say they will let them better understand how world should work, even after Sundering.

      In their search of stories, Lodge has more than once crossed they claws with weird, faerie beings that are best understood as Living Stories. As experts on tales and howls, they took on to themselves to solve those problems. When no fighting with this Fae invasions on local territory, Fianna are said to exchange treaties, oaths and even love relationships with lesser of this otherworldly kind. Still, they first and formost role is to collect lore and tales of Uratha, to used them here and now.

      Tribes in Lodge are dominated by Bone Shadows that always look for new lore and Iron Masters that thinks in stories are hints to new ways. Interestingly, high is number of Hunters in Darkness, that wants return of ‘old ways’ and remembering deeds of Urfarfah and ancestors.

      Totem: Stag
      Fianna follow Stag, spirit made from the love of life itself. Their patron teach them to catch every moment, but also remember deeds of those that passed away. Both should cherish the most glorious moments.

      As Stag is spirit of non-predator, many Uratha thinks that Fianna do not have ‘guts’ to truly fight, only spending times searching for next tale or love interest. Reality is that Bards can be very drive to find their answers, even with tearing others with their claws. In the end, Stag still has antlers that he can stab you with.

      Blessing: One per night, Fianna can rise his packs spirit with inspiring tale, like the Inspiring Merit.
      Aspiration: To gather lore about werewolves in local population.
      Ban: A Lodge member cannot leave occasion too hear new tale.

      The Sacred Hunt
      The Lodge Sacred Hunt grants your character the ability to use up to his Primal Urge times of Inspired Condition in Siskur-Dah on any roll connected to Prey.

      Conquest of Paradise - Fan Dark Era about Portugal and Spain conquests in XVI century - Mage & Beast ( & Hunter )
      My Hubs - VtR 2E System Hacks, MtAw 2E Legacies and System Hacks & WtF 2E Lodges and System Hacks