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  • Adventure!/Aberrant/Trinity campaign

    Has anyone tried a campaign for Adventure!, Aberrant and Trinity using the same characters (or descendants of the same characters) in all three games? I ran a campaign like this back in 2006 and 2007, but my group broke up in the middle of the Aberrant phase. The good news is I talked to some of my old players, and they want to get the group back together again when Trinity Continuum comes out. Has anyone else tried something similar to this? What have your experiences been like?

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    I've done something sort of like that. I've run games in all three settings that were all part of a contiguous time-line, and often involved long lived characters and decendants. It was a lot of fun, and did a lot to make the world feel rich and lived in. I haven't run one of those games in a few years, but I might try to pick one up after the new games come out.