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Building the best starting Temporal Manipulator? (Aberrant 1st Ed)

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  • Building the best starting Temporal Manipulator? (Aberrant 1st Ed)

    I have a neat character concept for a Temporal Manipulating Nova, & I would love some ideas on how to best build the PC.

    The concept is of an elderly woman who Erupts with the desire for every older person to be young again. Her main focus is thus on the Temporal Manipulation Technique, Age Alteration. I was going to play her as extremely fun loving, and desperate to live life to the fullest, and try to share that zest for life with everyone around her.

    My main concern is the mechanics.

    It's been a while since I've made a Aberrant PC, and I'm not sure what other Traits might be wise to pick for a Temporal Manipulator. Assuming a campaign gets very social and/or combat heavy, what are good investments for a basic, 30 Nova Point starting PC? What other Traits should be purchased to complement the Temporal Manipulation Power?

    The heavy investment Quantum of 5 (to access Temporal Manipulation) limits the points to work with, and I'm not sure I'm spending my Points efficiently.

    So far I've invested 14 of the 15 Freebees Points to raise her Quantum from 1 to 3, then invested 10 Nova Points to raise it further to 5. I then spent 5 Nova Points for the first level of Temporal Manipulation.

    Would you suggest a better why to purchase these Traits? The current why I've done it leaves 1 Freebee and 15 Nova Points left to flesh out the PC.
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    Take two additional permanent taint and rebate half your quantum expenditure giving yourself 5 more Nova Points. You will now be at Taint 3, just tainted enough without actually having an aberration.
    Now, since you wanted social abilities, you can take these 20 Nova points and buy a wide array of mega-stats for 18 points (effectively 6 dots of mega-stats). The last 2 nova points can be used to either max out your social skills or increase your base attributes.
    Age Manipulation in and of itself is pretty standalone. There really isn't anything you can buy to complement it unless you mean to give yourself an edge in the actual rolls. If that's what you want, you'll want to max out your manipulation attribute and give yourself some mega-manipulation.