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  • Resources in Storypath

    I'm sorry if I missed this somewhere, but I am curious as to how Storypath will handle money and resources. Will it be the same as CofD does it, with Edges and equipment bonuses?

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    Not in Scion.. Evoking the Path

    Being on a Path confers certain benefits: a cop or criminal can get small arms and ammunition for free, for example, or allow access to restricted areas (the police station or a nightclub known to be a mob hangout), and a one-percenter can make wild purchases with abandon. The rule of thumb is: if someone on the Path would reasonably have this item, or access, or capability, your character has it. If the character wants or needs more, they need to evoke their Path.
    Evoking just means calling out a Path applicable to the situation and describing the effects. A Path may only be evoked once per session; place a check in the box next to the Path and erase it after the session is over. Evocation grants access to one of the following effects:
    Resources: A Path indicates an entire ecosystem of resources and relationships. So long as you’re in good standing with what your Path represents, you can draw on it for aid above and beyond what you’re entitled to, be it backup, equipment, access, or protection. This can be in the form of temporary Followers, Danielle’s character Tysha is a cop, with the Path of “New York’s Finest”. She can arrest other characters with probable cause, use deadly force, or generally do anything a cop can. To request backup (in the form of temporary Followers) or obtain a search warrant to raid a rival Scion’s premises, she evokes this Path.

    Neall Raemonn Price
    Beleaguered Scion Developer


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      Stellar, sir. Thank you!