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The Wild Storm (by Warren Ellis)

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    Originally posted by NullApostle View Post
    I am curious whether we're getting power levels like that in this comic, I mean the Starbrand was pretty up there in power. Wildstorm has Majestic and Apollo and the like, but I wonder if we're going to see less outright superpowers in this new universe instead - what was shown so far has pretty much been all "science".
    To be fair, Wildstorm has always been "science", albeit sometimes of the "sufficiently advanced technology" variety. With its "corporate espionage" and "secret supers" angle, I suspect that The Wild Storm is going for a somewhat lower power level. Still, that's a relative term; it's just that it Apollo or Mr. Majestic have Superman-level powers, it makes you wonder what's kept them on the down-low so far.


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      Issue 2 continues to deliver. Some beautiful artwork on the new Void's "teleportation effect". It looks very Bleed-y.

      Henry Bendix shows up, Chrisine Trelane shows up. Skywatch got involved.
      Voodoo knows something and tells the world through her music, I'm just not sure what.
      Deathblow suffers his name, in a way he probably didn't expect in his line of work.
      Majestic gets a namedrop, but only as in "Majestic-level shelter".
      Teasing details hinting to a delicious larger world and (possibly) planet-spanning plots.

      I'm kinda drawing a blank on Kenesha, seemingly a member of HALO's WildCAT. Wasn't 'Kenesha' Savant's true name? Too lazy to look it up.

      10/10. Will continue to read.


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        I've got a different opinion. Namely, it's slow. Nearly everything in both issues has been people sitting or standing around and talking. Visually, we've had as much focus on a woman pouring a glass of alcohol and drinking it as we've had on Engineer in action. Granted, a lot of setup is being done; but it's being done in the form of infodumps.