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  • Intentions about rules for other ages

    So, Talents will be detailed in Trinity Core. Psions will be in Aeon, and Novas will be in Aberrant. That still leaves us with a reboot of Adventure! as well as the planned Aegis and others.

    Will there be any changes to how different powers/character types work in different settings rules-wise, or will that all be pretty much set? Like, originally Adventure's Stalwarts and Mesmerists were similar to but rules-wise fairly different from Novas and Psions; do we know if that's going to be the case again? Or will Adventure, Aegis, etcetera be mostly setting detail without much change to the baseline character options?
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    Adventure! is still pretty far off so not a lot has been nailed down yet.

    My intent, however, is that it will contain simplified rules for the lower-powered psiads and novas found in the era, so yes, it'll be similar to the existing edition's presentation of mesmerists and stalwarts. The knacks found in Adventure! are more thematically appropriate for the era than simply porting in the powers listed in Aeon or Aberrant, although we may have a sidebar on using those rulesets if people want to.

    Aegis and other in-between eras aren't major eras like Adventure!, Aberrant, and Aeon are, so their presentations may be different. Again, they're far enough off that not a lot is nailed down yet.

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      Okay. I did figure a lot is still up in the air as of yet-I was just curious what direction things might take. I understand everything is still in planning or even pre-planning, final results not guaranteed, void where prohibited, and so on.