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  • Trinity Munchkin Manual

    Has anyone here seen any of these? I never saw one for Trinity, so I made one up. Hope you enjoy.

    Trinity Munchkin Manual

    1) Favorite Character Types
    Real Men: play Legionnaire soldiers
    Real Role-players: play ISRAn investigators; play Aesclepian psychologists
    Loonies: play Chromatic retail clerks; play Aberrant insurance salesman
    Munchkins: play independant QK aberrant hunters; play proxies

    2) Favorite Weapon
    Real Men: use Orgotek plasma rifles and heavy coilguns
    Real Role-players: use Orgotek laser pistols and EK guantlets
    Loonies: use Frisbee named "The God-Star"; tell their agent "Fido 1.4" to "sic 'em"
    Munchkins: use Catabolosis; use formatted fully-AI bioVARGs with tac-nukes

    3) Favorite Armor
    Real Men: use heavy combat armor
    Real Role-players: use reinforced but stylish clothing
    Loonies: use rubber Chromatic costume (with flashlight)
    Munchkins: use formatted fully-AI bioVARGs with chameleon weave

    4) Favorite Biotech
    Real Men: use bio-lasers
    Real Role-players: use Qin math polyp and survival blanket
    Loonies: use wingpack with booster rockets, use pet reforestation prowler
    Munchkins: use formatted fully-AI bioVARG with installed Mazarin-Rashoud node; use formatted combat EK enhancer suit; use trained Chromatics

    5) Favorite Vehicle
    Real Men: use Reed Rosen Tsunami hover-bike; use Davidson-Wheeler American motorcycle
    Real Role-players: use Orgotech Beetle
    Loonies: use pet reforestation crawler; use submersible Resort Carrier
    Munchkins: use formatted fully-AI bioVARG with Tesser drive; use formatted Leviathan

    6) When cornered in a fire-fight
    Real Men: slip on an enhancer gauntlet and go hand-to-hand
    Real Role-players: announce that they are really your father/mother and use telepathy to probe you for information to "prove" it
    Loonies: set their Math Polyp to "Kill"
    Munchkins: whistle for their fully-AI bioVARG; switch aptitudes and teleport away or use Upeo Death Drop

    7) Reason to join Aeon Trinity
    Real Men: knew that they needed "a few good men"
    Real Roleplayers: are secretly investigating allegations of corruption
    Loonies: joined for the free cookie
    Munchkins: decided that the Trinity needed some strong leadership

    8) When encountering aberrants
    Real Men: tell everyone else to run while they hold them off
    Real Roleplayers: realize that the fight is futile, join the aberrants, and agonize over it
    Loonies: offer them a tea party
    Munchkins: say in a loud booming voice: "KNEEL BEFORE THY MASTER!"
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