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Polyhedron Episode 52 - "Divis Mal has arms?!" [Aberrant]

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  • Polyhedron Episode 52 - "Divis Mal has arms?!" [Aberrant]

    [RPG, Hobby, Entertainment] Polyhedron | Episode 52 - "Divis Mal has arms?!"

    NSFW (mild language)

    We take a deep dive into the world of super powers and intrigue; we bask in the quantum glow of Aberrant. The second game in the original Trinity gameline. You play a super powered person where the world could be your ouster or it could swallow you whole.

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    I'm really enjoying this and the previous podcast. I had forgotten how good and forward thinking all the background was. I can't wait for the kickstarter!.

    If I can offer a suggestion: you guys interrupt each other a lot. It's very distracting and I think it would be helpful to let the other person finish their thought before jumping in with something.



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      I am glad you liked the episodes and thank you for listening. We will be doing the Aeon Era in preparation for the Kickstarter. We can't wait!

      Your feedback is noted. It is something we have to work on, especially when we are talking about something we are really excited about.