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    Originally posted by Uri Meca View Post
    Will there be the option for auxiliaries in this new edition? I have no strong feelings either way, just curious.
    Auxiliary Modes are substantially the same as in 1st ed. You can purchase the first dot in a Mode from another Aptitude. You can purchase multiple first dots from multiple Modes from multiple Aptitudes if you want.

    Auxiliary Modes are a little more versatile than they were before. Every Aptitude has a couple of basic ‘0-dot powers’ that everyone with even one dot in any Mode from the Aptitude gets. None of them are earth-shattering, but they’re certainly useful.

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      Originally posted by Spaaace View Post

      Well, the obvious question is what names are you and Acrozatarim credited as and what sections did you write? =D
      ​I think my name's in my sig

      ​Sections-wise, my contributions are pretty wide-ranging - some setting material, some of the chargen section, most of the new Paths, some of the Aeon-specific extra rules, some sample NPCs. I'll stick with Leath's lead and not specify which bit of setting material was mine until the preview's out and people have had some time to digest it

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