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Trinity vs. Scion: compare and contrast

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  • Trinity vs. Scion: compare and contrast

    I'm posting this in the Trinity forum because at the time of this post, the Trinity Kickstarter is still in its early stages, and only part of the manuscript has been revealed to backers. Nonetheless, there are some very interesting reveals thus far in terms of how TC compares to Scion — issues that will need to be addressed by any gaming group that seeks to combine the two. Off the top of my head:

    1. TC baselines are fundamentally more competent than Scion mortals: their Paths give them Edges, and their Skills give them Skill Tricks. By contrast, Scion mortals get specialties for their Skills but no Skill Tricks, and the ones with Supernatural Origins get a single Knack. Note that the sample Skill Tricks and Edges cover a lot of ground that used to be covered by Heroic Knacks in Adventure!.

    2. OTOH, Scion mortals tend to have slightly higher attributes (they get two dots instead of one in each Attribute of their favored Approach), and everyone has access to Twists of Fate, the Scion counterpart to Dramatic Editing: all they need to do is to spend successes from a relevant roll and the setting adjusts more to their liking. Conversely, it looks like Dramatic Editing is going to be restricted to Talents: psiads, psions, novas, and aberrants (paraphrasing) “reject flux and seek to strengthen their native realities,” and baselines presumably don't have the ability in the first place.

    When combining the two, my inclination would be to use TC's baselines as, well, the baseline, with Twists of Fate added in and Talents using their Inspiration to take things a step further. That said, I may change my mind once I see TC's Dramatic Editing rules (which have not yet been released).

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    I keep hearing about red and black pools in Scion. Is one of those pools analogous to Momentum in Trinity?

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      The final text might change the terminology a bit - Neall has said that Scion 2e's text still has a bunch of legacy terms in it - since red and black pools were terms to differentiate between SG and player pools.


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        The black pool is Momentum, and at least according to the Polyhedron interview last night with Ian, Danielle, and Eddy, the red pool is gone.

        I can't speak for Trinity, but I feel like that metamorphosized into Tension for Scion.


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          Correct: The Black Pool was initially intended to be the Momentum Pool available to players, while the Red Pool was the Momentum available to the Storyguide. We trimmed out the latter. Just replace any references to the Black Pool with "Momentum".

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            Edit: The first column is the combined skill list. The second is the Scion preview list. Then the Trinity list is last. Special notes; Aim is not an exact parallel to Firearms, as bows and thrown weapons are covered by Athletics in Scion at the moment.

            Academics Academics Humanities
            Aim Firearms* Aim*
            Athletics Athletics Athletics
            Close Combat Close Combat Close Combat
            Command Leadership Command
            Culture Culture Culture
            Empathy Empathy Empathy
            Enigmas ** Enigmas
            Firearms Firearms Aim*
            Humanities Academics Humanities
            Integrity Integrity Integrity
            Larceny Subterfuge Larceny
            Leadership Leadership Command
            Medicine Medicine Medicine
            Occult Occult **
            Persuasion Persuasion Persuasion
            Pilot Pilot Pilot
            Science Science Science
            Subterfuge Subterfuge Larceny
            Survival Survival Survival
            Technology Technology Technology
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              Wait, what are he 3 rows in that chart? Aeon, Scion, and...?



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                FallenEco Scion does have Integrity as a skill; it was an accidental oversight in the first upload that has since been corrected.


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                  Also, I think Occult and Enigmas roughly parallel each other the way Firearms and Aim do. As with the latter pair, it's not a perfect parallel; but both are centered on knowing secrets.


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                    Oh: in Trinity, Paths have ratings; in Scion, they don't.


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                      Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
                      Also, I think Occult and Enigmas roughly parallel each other the way Firearms and Aim do. As with the latter pair, it's not a perfect parallel; but both are centered on knowing secrets.
                      Having reread the descriptions, I'm respectfully going to have to disagree. Occult is presented as a 'lore' skill, about having studied the subject. Enigmas is presented as a problem solving skill, extrapolation and comprehension.

                      One is having read the book; the other is guessing the plot based on tropes.

                      Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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                        Tiny thing, but the Tag for Automatic weapons, in Scion it is an enhancement that can only be put towards damage, and you have to do an ammo check after. In Trinity, it is a zero point stunt that gives 1e that has no restrictions on what that success has to go to, but you are automatically out of ammo, no check.

                        Also, no specifi chase lingo/rules are given in Trinity, unlike Scion, I think in Trinity the rules for Contests and Complex actions are understood to satisfy that need.

                        Just a couple stray observations as I slowly digest these books, as well as bounce around following forum chatter.

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