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    Are they changing their own world or changing another world's past? How do you explain the characters not changing with the universe, or the fact that if they did change it then they wouldn't be able to go back in time? Why is the world by default doomsdayed?

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
      Are they changing their own world or changing another world's past? How do you explain the characters not changing with the universe, or the fact that if they did change it then they wouldn't be able to go back in time? Why is the world by default doomsdayed?
      I think they are changing there own worlds past. Basically after a bunch of focused changes the world will change.

      The science they ate using eventually let's them add parts of other timelines to tere own history, thus making things different.

      The device (noetic or quantum) creates a resonate effect that protects the time travelers and those within a certain range of it as well. They remember the old world and they slot fully into the new one with no issue.

      On the last one, game fiat. Unless things get changed then destruction is expected.

      I do think that not all time and dimension travel leads to changes to the world's timeline, only certain specific changes do.

      Thanks for the comment. I kind of think this is fun.


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        Originally posted by LordHeru View Post

        The device (noetic or quantum) creates a resonate effect that protects the time travelers and those within a certain range of it as well. They remember the old world and they slot fully into the new one with no issue.
        I love the idea of the bubble and the explicit understanding that if they ever return to their chronological time (i.e. 2020 or whatever) that it's borderline impossible that anyone they know could have possibly ever been born. BUT maybe things get really, really weird and they return to their own era and there are original versions of themselves there. Perhaps ones without powers or maybe they're villains. Could really be a really fun setting. Especially to introduce Talents into worlds with either Psions, Psiots, Novas or super-tech.


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          That's a pretty cool idea that they come back to their time and there are rival versions of them now. Also if the secret that time travel is a thing has been going on I would imagine a lot of people would view them as genocidal madmen since they essentially erased whole generations from existence.

          It is a time for great deeds!


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            See in this setting the world is dying, nearly dead, most of humanity lays huddled in one or a few of the surviving domes.

            In an attempt to find some way for humanity to go on an Inspired scientist discovered the time travel technology. This method of temporal alteration is the only way for humanity to survive in this setting.

            Maybe once they push start on the alterations time travel becomes more restricted then it used to be.

            The thing is I do not want to one into this setting with the thought or concept that what there doing is bad. The whole concept is change the past to make a future worth living in.

            The idea of going to worlds and finding alternate selves could work, when they go the more world variant routes.

            I think the world doesn't flow into a new past until a techno-telluric ritual gets activated. Then in a whoosh existence rearranges around the domes so that a whole different past exists leading to a world much more glorious then it was.

            So those who survived the destruction remain, with memories, but now so do billions of others. Billions who died in a vast series of apocalyptic wars.


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              Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
              Been meaning to post more updates on my Multiverse idea.

              So the change happens with the Hammerspace Incident. Basically when its activated it ties three universes together in that in one Universe only Bhurano Survives out of the three closest to the explosion, in another only Donighal, and in another Mercer. But Mercer is able to communicate with the other two. They decide to form an Aeon Society Trinity. They pool their information because their universes are identical, at least at first. So they can start gathering information and those who can harness Telluric Energies. They realize if they can gather information in one universe it can be shared among the other ones, and there they would be secret knowledge. They make plans, not only do they assemble the Talents of the world they agree to explore different aspects of the world and share it among the highest echelons of the Aeon Society. So if one universe, say Donighals explores secret areas of the ocean they can discover ruins and natural wonders and the other two universes will know of the findings without having to expend the resources themselves. If Bhurano's society discovers a Gold mine or Petroleum deposit then the other universe know where they are without having to tip their hand with excavations. They also realize their Universe are quickly diverging. The next generation of people born are not guaranteed to be born in all three Universes, but they also discover some interesting individuals called Constants or Coins who exist in two or more Universes even with all the strange changes in all unlikeliness they are still always born. This individuals often become Talents, or later Aberrants or Psions.

              So they start sharing information which funds their society, including development of technology. If they truly need to early on in the history of the group they can even do things such as befriend individuals in one universe to gain things such as secret personal information so they can rob or ruin them in another universe. They also decide to essentially plagiarizer Artists and Authors in one Universe to benefit from it in the other two. Thus the Aeon Society is a strange source of prolific poetry, classical literature and groundbreaking science. This is a distasteful and disagreeable tactic at first but they put in their charter the concept of repaying Constants/Coins they discover if any of the other universes has record of benefiting from their counterparts, so they take the opportunity to give them donations or even have them taken care of and educated.

              Eventually Bhurano becomes the Authority on Quantum and Noetics. She starts developing a plan to cultivate Psi in her Universe, while Donighal now Doctor Primoris plans to back Quantum as the destiny of his World and works on creating Novas. Mercer works with Primoris to Create a Gate on the Moon of Primoris' Universe that can send Primoris and a cadre of his emergent Novas into Mercers Universe. They secretly build a Moon Portal in Mercers Universe and eventually create a Trinity of Gateways in each Universe and are finally able to travel across the Universes with great effort and resources. They can now finally fully trade in resources if they have to, but even more importantly staff. Now they develop a level of Clearance in the Aeon Society that represents not only knowing of the Multiverse but also knowing they can travel between them. They work on making easier travel from the Earth to the Moon, the Aeon Society is easily a Hundred Years ahead of the rest of the world in this regard, and in many other aspects of medicine and science as well.

              Soon they realize the nature of Quantum and Noetics, and how Noetics seems to dampen and stiffle Quantum. Primoris and Bhurano come to an agreement they would smuggle as many of the Mesmers and Psiads of his Universe into her own as the Novas become more and more prominent. At first its only a handful of Novas starting in 60's but enough to develop decent super science, and Stalwarts kept on erupting, though at a lesser rate then the age of Adventure. While Bhurano also has Mesmers appear in her universe with extra refugees from Primoris's world. She develops technologies which cultivate mesmers, and eventually Psiads, while at the same time Stalwarts become rarer and rarer, and only a handful of Novas exist (each from a unique anomaly such as Alien Interference and experimental Gamma Bombs). She lays the groundwork for a method to uplift humans into something she calls Psions.

              Eventually Primoris has a Falling out with the Trinity. He wishes to create an event which will lead to worldwide Eruptions of Novas. He eventually follows through with this and also departs the Aeon Trinity. He spends over a decade gathering Nova followers, secretly his group has discovered their is a 4th Universe where they all died during the Hammersmith Incident and he secretly departs for it. In this Universe he is Divis Mal, and his discoveries from the Shared Aeon Trinity put him at a significant advantage in this Universe. Because this is a Universe without an Aeon Society it has had a more natural evolution of technology and thus he is secretly unrivaled in his access to knowledge and technology. He sets himself up as Emperor as creates a worldwide Erruption event. He plans to find a way to discover and conquer Universes beyond the Trinity (Plus his 4th Universe Universe Zero/Null). And makes plan to also conquer the Trinity as that is at first the only universes he can travel too. Though he creates his Trinity Gates on a secret Base deep in below the Surface of Mars on all 4 Universes, as its far enough away that he could hide from the Aeon Society as they would be the only ones able to theoretically travel to Mars, but only at great cost.

              By the default starting date 2028 Bhurano's Universe has just finished her Amrita Serum which when given to an individual known as a latent and put through a Soma Chamber she has created Psions. Bhuranoverse has a world with a much greater degree of Medical/Genetic science. The Primorium (Divis Mal's original Universe) is generally in a worse condition then the other two universes of the Trinity due to losing their Stewart, and actually a lot of the problems is because of the Conflict and sabotage when Divis Mal left. Mercer and Bhurano's factions have somewhat exploited this universe as it is not their own. Super Villains imperil the world, and the Doyen have been made aware of this world ahead of the others and make plans to figure out how to handle the Earth, and when they discover the Trinity Gate phenomena they panic and get desperate...

              Max Mercer's Continuum is more hands off, which has resulted in a world of Talents. His world is over all the most advanced of the Continuum as his method has been to shepard and uplift humanity as a whole. But talented squads of Psions/Psiads are found here. Many are secretly stationed in this universe but outside of the Aeon Society the world thinks the Psions are some miracles of the Aeon Society, ignorant of the Multiverse.

              Eventually the Aeon Society will have defend against Divis Mal's Worldbreaker Dynasty and the Doyen first of the Primorium, but depending on how that war goes they may make plans against the other Doyen or if they defeat the Primorium Doyen their survivors unite the Bhuranoverse and Continuum Doyen.

              Yes once I get revised Aberrant Rules this is probably the first chronicle I would like to try for Aeon!

              Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
              Listening to the Futurist Isaac Arthur has filled me with a lot idea. But I am going back to the Multiverse Portals idea. So going back to Divis Mal's World Breaker concept were he plunders the Multiverse I wonder how much his homebase of Universe Zero/Null could support from plundered resources from multiple other worlds. If the portal is on Earth then you wouldn't need to expend the resources to go back and forth from the Sun. And how Fusion generators would just totally change the world.

              Some crazy ideas could be maybe Divis Mal could even steal one or more moons to create an artificial nearby earthlike planet as a vault of items. Or maybe with mars, stealing enough mass to make it more Earth like.

              Or stealing the Oceans of another Earth, like that episode of SWAT Kats.

              And then Slaves, if Divis Mal plunders worlds for slaves that would be an essential endless wave of disposable labor, but that probably isn't Divis's style unless he goes all Homo Superior on mankind.

              Or more experimental he has Universe Zero as his home base and doesn't mess with things to crazily, but could experiment on other universes like smashing together smaller bodies to create Earth sized planets, or even experimenting with Exploding a Sun to see if he can make a more supreme Quantum Wave many times greater then the Hammersmith Event, but would essentially destroy a Solar System, but perhaps he can shield the Earth enough where he can let people survive long enough to erupt, and then he can abandoned the rest to die.
              Okay bumping this thread and quoting myself so I can gather my notes.

              Ideas I’ve refined:

              The Trinity Continuum is the Umbrella group, like Pentex and it’s subsidiaries, for the Early Mercer, Bhurano, and Donighal. It is a way for them all to have a say as a tribunal council type of arrangement.

              Aeon is Mercer’s Universe and Mercer Founds the the Aeon Society as his Branch of the Trinity. His Universe is laissez faire though they discouraged Quantum and a lot of their Noetically inclined Individuals go to work for Bhurano’s Soma Universe. So mostly Talents in this Universe

              Bhurano’s Universe is the Noetia, and her branch of Trinity is the Soma Institute for Noetic affairs (though I considered also a name like Amrita Corp and such or just the Noetic Institute or Bhurano Industries or Corp or Tech). Bhurano worked to Nullify Quantum, especially as she discovered the Madness and ego in Primoris’ Primorium. The concentration of Psi users gather from the other Universe chain reacts creating more and more Psi and less and less Quantum.

              Doctor Primoris’ Universe is the Primorium ( he was always the more egotistical of the Trio). I’m thinking he may call his branch of Trinity the Nova Foundation, or Newman Foundation. Eventually he guts it, experiments on his world takes the Novas he wants and leaves the world to crumble while he Vanishes, though secretly he goes to Universe Null where none of them survived the Hammersmith Incident and thus no Trinity Continuum and thus he arrives with an army of Supermen, with default tech over a century ahead of the curve, and his elites sporting even greater tech. They conquer this world and keep tabs on the other three Universes and Work on breaching the Barrier beyond just the 3 (secretly 4) Universe and gaining access to infinite potential. With no one to stop him or reign in his accesses he forms a World Breaker Dynasty, Colonizes the Solar System and sets up Homo Sapien Novus as the next step for Humanity, or at least as the top of a caste system. The Newman Foundation is practically cannibalizes by the rest of Trinity and the remanents are untrusted and the two other Universe sort of commit predatory practices on this Universe owing the least loyalty to it and exploiting more then protecting or guiding it. Still the Newman Foundation has the most Novas, virtually the only Novas, of Trinity and that is enough to achieve miracles.

              Mercer was able to Cross Worlds rather then jump through time, seemingly he is limited to the three Universes, secretly he discovered Universe Null before Doctor Primoris, and May have been the first to dip into the greater Multiverse.

              Mercer at first shared information and was the go between for Bhurano and Donighal. They eventually discovered the Moon was somewhat more hollow then expected and had an Uncertain Casuality Field in its core. This promoted a naturally thin barrier between worlds that Trinity could exploit to create a Trinity of Gates deep under the Moons Surface as the primary means of travel between Universes. Later Primoris discovers the Zwave from the Hammersmith Incident left it’s touch upon Mars and Mars had a weaker yet larger Uncertain Casuality Field Under it’s surface. He uses hidden Subterranean Mars Bases to keep tabs on all the Universes.

              Hammersmith collected a Think tank that included Tesla and Mycroft Holmes and several other adventurers and men of science to gather info in the form of his miraculous Journals. The first Journal Hammersmith discovered was Da Vinci’s Secret Journal, right after he had a correspondence with Einstein about his Quantum theories. Some of his other Journals included the Journal of the Black Tulku partially shared to him by Lamont Cranston, and the Journal of Mars kept by Ulysses Braxton. Hammersmith was convinced that Da Vinci discovered the secret to Immortality and managed to pierce the Universal Shell and found an Eternal City between his and two other Universes. Part of the Telluric Engine Experiment was intended to grant Hammersmith Immortality.

              The Doyen like in the normal Continuum kept an eye on Earth after the Hammersmith event and put up a Null field to prevent another one. Really only the Primorium broke the Null Field and re-alerted the Doyen. Eventually the Doyen will gather info on the Trinity pocket Multiverse and will likely ally with their counterparts. So by the time of the Nova Age for the normal Continuum this pocket Continuum will suffer asymmetrical warfare from the Worldbreaker Dynasty and the Doyen first on the Primorium.

              Later Primorium projects will lead to creating gateways to other worlds starting with the Pangea Universe a world still stuck in the Dinosaur era without humanity.

              Fun will be had by all.

              It is a time for great deeds!


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                Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
                I am planning some timeline travel between divergent histories

                Timeline Alpha: core timeline through Adventure!, Trinity Core, Aberrant, Anima, and Aeon

                Timeline Beta: core timeline until N-Day does not occur and Trinity Core action setting hones to the real world (includes comparatively harder scifi Expanse-style future with Talents, but no Novas or Promethean Chambers)

                Timeline Gamma: same as Alpha through Aberrant, but then the Aberrant War culminates in full burn - Mad Max/Fallout style setting ensues

                Timeline Delta: Inspiration Age (Adventure!) never ends and heroes and villains divert course of history leading to pulp space exploration by competing democratic, communist, and fascist powers by mid-20th Century, discovering a Burroughs-style Planetary Romance solar system

                Timeline Epsilon: Mal uses the Trinity test to set off the Nova Age in '45, Silver Age style setting by the 60s, Mal-Victorious Nova god kings ruling over human civilizations in their image in a 21st Century setting

                Timeline Zeta: War of the Worlds invasion in the 1890s, humanity rebuilding with the alien tech in the Edwardian Era create Promethean Chambers 200 years early

                Timeline Omega: Psions fail to rise against Colony's invasion; Aberrants destroy humanity
                Email me when the Kickstarter is being set up. I want your book.