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ELI5 - Path Connections and Contacts

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  • ELI5 - Path Connections and Contacts

    I find the entire section of the core manuscript on Path Connections really confusing.

    Like, do I have a contact for each path, or just one?
    How do Contacts work?
    What are Groups and Access?
    Do I have a Group AND a Contact AND an Access for EACH Path? Or just one of each? or one for each?
    How do Groups and Accesses work?

    How do tags on contacts work? Should Groups and Access also have tags?
    Is there a larger list of tags somewhere? Do I just MAKE UP tags?


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    Seriously, anyone? Do Connections and Contacts make sense to anyone?


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      I don't think you're alone - It didn't click for me either on a single read-through, but I've not had a chance to go back to it yet. I'm planning on a fresh read-through in the next couple weeks or so

      Ad Astra


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        From looking through it it seems like the following is how it works:

        You always have at least one Group, Contact, and Access for each Path.

        Group is just what sort of community the Path belongs to or what organization it is. So, the Aeon Society or a specific university or what have you.

        Access is basically, because you’re a member of (Group) you can access their resources, which are going to be situational. For example, if Max is a member of the Aeon Society, he can just flash his card and enter the London chapter house and everything...but that doesn’t really help him while he’s searching for a mad scientist’s lair in the middle of the rainforest. If you’re in a situation where the Storyguide agrees that using your Access makes sense, roll Attribute+Path rating and apply those successes as an Enhancement to the roll you wanted to enhance.

        Contacts are more complicated. You have (Path rating) dots in Contacts. Each point you give to a Contact grants 1 Enhancement to rolls in a particular sphere of activity, as defined by a Tag. Contacts also get an additional Tag for each dot given to them. Tags are defined by the creator of the Contact, pretty much. To use a Contact, roll Attribute+Path rating and if you succeed, the Contact does what you want. Which was, presumably to give you an Enhancement to another roll equal to their rating.

        Honestly, I saw a couple of places in here where the rules were inconsistent, so I commented on it in the Core KS thread, so hopefully it’ll get cleaned up.



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          Thinking on it, the section on using Contacts sounds like they’re supposed be just NPCs you can get (Path rating) favors from, while the section on Creating Contacts sounds like they’re supposed to be game abstractions similar to any other source of Enhancements.



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            Wait so its somewhat contradictory. Do you start play with only one contact chosen from one of your paths, or do you have one contact for each path rating?

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