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    I definitely like the idea of the Doyen being one possible option, especially because the idea of being able to reveal and confront the Doyen in the early 21st century seems like an interesting way for the continuum to branch in a given game.


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      To be honest, I am really hoping that they won't focus so much on this one aspect of the game... yes, the possibility of forced sterility upon Novas can be an interesting plot to uncover... if you are into such things... but to be honest, I think Novas should generally have bigger things to worry about.

      There are many other plots that could lead to similar conflicts between Novas and those trying to control them. Sure... there could be an actual conspiracy to sterilize them so they can't produce more... or it may just be a baseless theory (well, maybe not entirely baseless if this is natural for Novas) that some are using to try and distract people from something else. What could that something else be? Almost anything... there were many things going on in the original Aberrant game than just figuring out why Novas couldn't procreate.

      Let the low birthrate be something mysterious for players to play with as they see fit (don't give a definitive answer as to why it is... let groups decide the answer for their game) and move on to more interesting problems to be dealt with.

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        I was just thinking on how we nitpick the things we don't like but often don't say anything about that which we do enjoy.

        So I don't like the sterility and how it's done by Project Utopia, I want my pc faction to be a trusted good group, but I like hundreds of pages of story, setting, timeline, and powers of the book.

        So I think having it be mentioned as a potential worry in the front part of the book is great but then have it be explained farther in the secrets chapter where potential Doyen involvement is mentioned.

        But yeah what bothered me the most was how it waa Utopia doing it. That ruined Project Utopia for me almost entirely.


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          I'm still confused on Nova fertility. Is it assumed they that they have a hard time reproducing successfully or is it more most of them are sterile and an exceptional few aren't?

          And what about a compromise issue, with Nova's having normal fertility but producing Inspired level (Stalwarts) offspring who occasionally fully erupt into Novas.

          Do we have any talk about Nova Children? Are they always normal and erupting into power later in life, or are some born with super strength or mind powers?

          And is there talk about their powers being inherited, and therefore similar, or is it more each Nova is a blank slate and can erupt into any power?

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            Aberrant isn't written yet, so it's all speculation. Don't take anything from the first edition as gospel.


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              Back in 1st ed they never really came out and said novas had less or more fertility in their natural state. Everyone just assumed they were sterile thanks to Proteus propaganda and their biochemical sterility agent. Nova couples who had kids pre-eruption still had those baseline kids, but there was never any mention of what else happened in this case, it was just a side-detail that got glossed over.
              Also back in 1st ed the subject of nova children being more powerful than 1st gen novas came up when you peruse the Proteus info in the Utopia book. It's prolly one of the main reasons they were trying to kill that off ASAP.

              It's looking like for Aberrant 2.0 people might prefer that nova fertility be somewhat staggered for any number of reasons but not destroyed. Perhaps a given fertile couple of novas under typical conditions has a single nova child in their entire long lifespan, since they have way lees to worry about from a survival standpoint they naturally don't need to breed very fast like some of the people who have 4-7 child households.
              It may be just me, but for the issue of 2nd generation novas it could be better to make them more "stable" and less likely to accrue taint by virtue of being born with quantum power, rather than more powerful. If a 1st gen can already reach level 6 quantum powers given time that pretty much caps out the power scale.