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  • Enlightened Age idea

    So in mentioning the Aes Sedai in the Directive thread an idea came go me.

    Imagine if Divis Mal and S. K. Bhurano met up at some point and decided to work together rather than do it alone. Together they set up a project, established a plan, and when ready activated there combined quantum-noetic device.

    The world was bathed in a combination of energies the universe had never before seen at one place and in one time. Overnight hundreds leading to thousands of Novas erupted, hundreds of Psiads manifested, tens of thousands of Latents appeared, and an uncountable amount of others (Talents).

    Pretty quickly the Psiads realized the nature of the Latents and so a number of them came together and developed the Prometheus Process and it's associated noetic device, designed to awaken the Latents noetic ability. Unfortunately this restricted them to one Aptitude due to the vagaries of noetic genetics. Do to a bit of miscalculation the first eight were given a bit too much energy, becoming Proxies. This would be corrected, the supercharged of energy was dangerous, for all subsequent uses. The first eight would go on to form the psychic orders. [Not sure I want this by the way.]

    The Aeon Society stepped forward, declaring they knew some of what was going on, and they wanted to help. So they anmoumxed that two of there branches who do exactly that - Project Utopia would work with Novas and Project Pandora the Psiads/Psions.

    In time Aeon would work with the Novas, Psions, and governments to form the Trinity Council. In time this organization would grow to become the unified world government of the Earth - one where novas, psions, and baseline/neutrals would come together.

    In this there is much room for campaign and adventure and threats.

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    Prometheus Chamber technology is something that's beyond the reach of the Æon-era scientific community; I don't see it being invented a century earlier. I mean, you can if you want; it's your game. But if you're going to do that, you could just as easily do away with Proxies and Psions and just say that the “power unlocker” technology that your setting's scientists develop turns Latents into Psiads. No Psions, no Proxies (though Psiads can eventually reach that stage on their own), no Psi Orders.

    Alternately, let them create Prometheus Chambers that convert Latents into Psions; but don't start them out with Proxies. Let the founders of the Psi Orders be regular Psions like anyone else (except S.K., of course), but leave Proxie-level power as something that a Psion can obtain.

    If you want Psions but not Psi Orders, make the Prometheus Chambers more common: if there's only one Telepathy Prometheus Chamber, then whoever has control of it has control over who can become a Telepath, and you're probably going to end up with a Telepathy-oriented Psi Order. But if there are a half-dozen of them or more, the ability to monopolize them is severely restricted. You're still likely to end up with some Psion-related Alliegances; but they're less likely to be oriented toward individual Aptitudes the way the Psi Orders are.

    (And yes, I know that as of TC, all Psi Orders contain a mix of most Aptitudes along their ranks; but they still have their biases.)

    Of course, there's the elephant in the room: the Doyen. In the default history, they've been meddling in human affairs since the Hammersmith Event brought Earth to their attention. They're the ones behind the Prometheus Chambers and Proxies as they currently exist, as a means of simultaneously empowering and controlling Earth's psychomorphic population, turning them into a weapon to use against Earth's Eximorphs. How will they react in the scenario?