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Scale Question (Players Lower in Scale)

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  • Scale Question (Players Lower in Scale)

    Ok, so scale as written in core works fine and makes sense for me in the following situations.

    PCs are HIGHER scale than a target rolling against a difficulty.
    PCs are rolling against another roll, either side higher works fine.

    But what is the intended rule if PCs are rolling against a difficulty where the Target is Higher in Scale?
    For example: A PC is trying to lift a car (no skill tricks, no gifts, just raw might and athletics). Clearly we have a scale mismatch, with the PC being lower. Let's say the PC is scale 1 and the car is scale 3. Clearly this is also not a situation where the car, being an inanimate object, will be rolling anything to resist.
    So the PC has to roll Might + Athletics vs a Difficulty to lift the car. And Scale should play some part in this.

    My inclination is to EITHER add straight up difficulty for each level of scale, OR add complications for each level of scale. But is there a specific intended answer "you should do this in this situation" somewhere that I have missed, or that was said in a thread somewhere else?

    (My specific inclination in the example would be, since it's two steps of scale, adding 2 two-point complications. If they succeed without buying them off they get an injury. I.E. You move the car, but you put your back out, take a Maimed level injury condition "put back out" you can only lie on the floor in pain until you're healed.)