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    That wouldn't be my first choice. My first choice would be to reskin psychomorphs as sorcerers.

    That said, doing “fate magic” (blessings, curses, geasa, etc.) as Tier 3 Gifts has some interesting potential.


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      Yeah, if you look at Mesmerists, they work well with pulp-age spiritualism. "Magic" and "psychic powers" as distinct things is only an idea that started to develop in the Victorian Age to make clear that the spiritualism that upper class educated white people practiced was enlightened and scientific in comparison to barbaric superstitious nonsense that other people engaged in. There's no actual reason I see to make them mechanically different.

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        I know and plan to use them as such. But I was thinking of playing with things like Cultists worshiping some Great Old Ones and gained their blessing. As well as genuine Exorcists and Necromancers, and those who conjure demons. So pretty much playing around with what I can do with the system. Maybe they are manipulating properties of Z-Ray Weird Zones from other realities, as well as ancient weird secrets that tap into the Telluric Forces as well as the Intelligences that have gone beyond the Universe of the Flesh.

        That and Wooden Robuts!

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