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Altered Carbon as a Trinity Continuum AEON

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  • Altered Carbon as a Trinity Continuum AEON

    If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

    'If you are a player in this game please do not read any further'


    This is a game set in the far future where immortality is withing reach, should you have the money to pay for it. It is a Trinity Continuum AEON and is using the Storypath system.

    This game will be based on the NetFlix original series Altered Carbon where everyone has a Cortical Datastack "Stack" implanted at the age of 1 year. This implant stores a Digital Human Freight (DHF) which is the sum (memories, personality, “soul” of a person, “everything that makes you, you”) of the person it is installed in. These Stacks can be implanted into a new body (called a sleeve) as long as they remain undamaged the new sleeve will now have access to everything that was stored in the Stack. This is the main focus of the game.

    The age of the Novas and Aberrants has gone and no on has seen or heard of them in centuries. The Psions have face a similar disappearance in that there are no more natural Psions being born. The Prometheus Chambers have been destroyed. The last uprising against the corporation was over 200 years ago by a group of individuals known as the Envoys.

    This Dystonian future is run by the Corporations (Headed by the Meths) and enforced by the CTAC – Colonial Tactical Assault Corp.

    The characters are a rag tag group that individually discover a piece of a puzzle That when put together reveals the Fate of the Psions. What the characters will do with this information is up to them.

    Extended Timeline

    ???? – Psions interfere with Mega corporations
    ???? – Public Opinion turns against Psions
    ???? – Ban on Cybernetics lifted
    ???? – Psion Wars
    ???? – Prometheus Chambers destroyed
    ???? – Anti-Alien sentiment grows
    ???? – Earth and all Erath colonies are quarantined
    2248 – Stack Technology is introduced to the world
    ???? – Quarantines lifted on earth and the outer colonies.
    ???? – The rise of C-TAC
    ???? – Psions believed to be eradicated
    2360 – Envoy Wars
    ???? – Corporations secure complete control with just an illusion of a governing body and the law.
    ???? – Corporations expand their reach.
    ???? – Several outer colonies vanish
    ???? – The word “Meth” is coined
    ???? – Anti-corporation sentiment raises.
    ???? – Living conditions worsen
    2521 – Present day
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