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Time and Space Lost Shenanigans or Trinity:Acquisitions

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  • Time and Space Lost Shenanigans or Trinity:Acquisitions

    So I just was inspired for a game while discovering this excellent webseries Don't Feed the Humans.

    And the idea would be the group is composed of Humans abducted from any conceivable Era by an Alien Collector. So people can crossover ideas from any of the Eras (so you can have your Adventure Doc Savage be on a team with your Aberrant Reed Richards and your Aeon Psimarine). They could have even a primative Stone Age Man or a Roman over the hill Gladiator and they would work on escaping, getting lost in space and perhaps trying to return to Earth. You could even discover upon returning to Earth they are in the Future, or even any point the past. They can then be involved in whatever setting you enjoy, or possibly even let them Timehop for a while in the Collector's Timescooner till it crashes at whatever time you want to scuttle them in? This could provide quite the freedom of opportunity in character creation.

    It is a time for great deeds!