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  • Secret History of the World

    So I am a huge fan of the secret history of the world trope as well as homages, like I just got into Planetary and I love the whole Doc Savage and his Pulp secret Society vs the Justice League in an incursion style event in the first issue. But the Hellboyverse does stuff like this, the movie was wonderful example to with the whole Hitler and the Spear of Destiny part. But Hunter the Vigil wonderfully touched on this with Strike Force VALYRIE and the Abe Lincoln Possession, something the Classic White Wolf Setting would never go so off the res with, or the initial God Machine Conspiracy. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was probably my first remembered instance of this type of crossover approach but I love even how the Venture Brothers did it with the Guild of Calamitous Intent's origins. Oh and Invisibles too, don't forget old Grant Morrison!

    But it does have me thinking that Aberrant is most fitting for something like Planetary, still only on the beginning of the Omnibus. So how about a thread on suggestions for different ideas or headcanons for Trinity's secret history? I mean I personally don't go with weirdness starting at the Hammersmith event, its just the most prominent case. In fact there is still a lot about it that seems fishy.

    Also what about the idea of Talents with one unique power, so something like a unique Edge. Seems like it would be a good method to explain certain characters that are mostly Talents but have one unique oddity about them, kind of like Max Mercer Himself but his timepowers are bit more over the top then I initially have planned.

    So thoughts?

    Like what about secret levels above the president in the Government?

    Or 1800's style Secret Service, like Agent Screw On Head working for Lincoln? It would be pretty curious to have something like First Contact between America and Extraterrestrial Forces was made during Lincolns tenure, and it has been a secret not known to presidents since.

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    Though I totally support the idea that the Inspired have been here since dawn of human civilization and that their are periods where theu r presence is strong, I have little immediate thoughts to add on this.

    Well besides saying I think WW2 need the Inspired.

    And that the government's of the world have records indicating their truthful existence.

    I will say I'm not a fan of security above the president, ibthink he should know. Plus I like the idea of a few days post inauguration a thousand page leather tome is given to them with the secret history of the world.

    Other than that your ideas are interesting.