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    The Aberrant War was more devastating then any one had predicted or feared. No nations survived it intact and all continents became home to sights of untold devastation. Even most advanced technologies had stopped working, mostly due to nova attacks but also mundane counteraction.

    But humanity survived.

    In large part this was because when things were at its worst people came forward and said let me help. These people weren't inhumans like Novas but rather people who when matters got toughest reached deep into themselves for the inspiration to continue on. They couldn't breath fire or control mighty energies but that was okay as the world had seen enough of that.

    The story is about survival, about rebuilding, about hope and unity and the sacrifice of the self for the community.

    The player characters are Talents, though I could see other inspired types coming around.

    The experience is very much local at the start, especially as world wide transportation got destroyed in the wars.

    Enemies are mostly corruption created aberrations and monstrosities, though sometimes other humans can cause problems.

    To the things in I would say Aeon Society survived and serve as the major power for good in the campaign location. Maybe as the glue which holds the fragile network of small communities together in what is a pretty hostile and corrupted world.