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Aberrant War Gun Removal / Into the Badlands

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  • Aberrant War Gun Removal / Into the Badlands

    So I just binged watched Into the Badlands on Netflix and absolutely loved it. I do thing there are some gaps in geography and history but that said the fights are fun and the set up interesting.

    I especially like the set up of the Badlands with its seven Baron territories and the natee of the society.

    The powers represented by the Gifted is also interesting, especially in how those highly trained can use it to power technology. Imagine taking it to the next level and instead of using coal and oil they use Chi energy.

    The one thing that intrigued me the not is the lack of guns. Now the truth is that it's clearly a setting conceit on how it's gone but it made me think on the possibilities.

    Including the idea of a quantum power or event which could make guns not work. Which then led me to wondering how such a thing could occur.

    So I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts on this element or others.

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    While I'm not a fan of getting rid of guns because it strongly limits character options, I could see the world of Eden, settled by Novas, being a no-gun-zone. If the planet has no large predators, capable of threatening the human colonists, and a strong enough agricultural base (perhaps initially gotten off the ground by Novas with relevant powers, like plant control), then it could be argued that the human colonists wouldn't have any use for guns, other than killing each other, or shooting at their Nova 'benevolent overlords,' some of whom likely aren't bulletproof.

    So that would be a place where a gunless society could exist, although the presence of Nova overlords (and, presumably, their human supervisors), would make it quite different than Into the Badlands, in other particulars.

    The search for / mentoring of young people who could erupt with Nova powers (and whatever sort of status might come with finding such children, or that various individual Novas might garner from having more or less such new Novas under their wing) could mirror the search for (and squabbling to control) the black-eyed children with power, in the show.

    Creating a section on Nova earth where there are no guns seems harder to handle, since the zone would have to be more or less a voluntary association, to survive the outside world trying to meddle in it's business. (Any notion that there's an area where the people aren't allowed guns because the Nova overlords have forbidden them seem likely to get subject to some sort of Utopia-backed UN intervention, since it's bad precedent and counter to Utopia's goals of having people not be afraid of Novas.)


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      I am not sure what level of quantum you'd need to make a "dies the Fire" zone, but people would probably work around that with different types of projectiles especially with Talents, Novas and Psychics out there.

      The Dune solution might be an option, a nova makes personal forcefields that make bullets obsolette and sufficiently cheap but because of the speed issue swords could pierce it.


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        Also, to be a little precise and asinine, it's not personal firearms per se that make things problematic for unarmed or melee users, we had them working together fine for about 3-4 centuries. Quickload, repeating and automatic fire, developments that came to be about the mid-19th century (more or less) were the real dividers.

        And even then there's some room to play with if one takes out machine guns, assault rifles and such.