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  • Trinity Continuum - Biokinesis

    A group and I have recently started a Trinity game with the new system. We were a bit puzzled about how the ENHANCE power worked. The wording makes it embiguous if the power can be used on all three physical at the same time.

    We understand that it's one dot per success up to your usual limits (for now 5). The question is really whether or not you could, with enough successes, bump all three stats.

    Also, if you can't bump all three at the same time, can you activate the power more than once to have a boost in more than one?

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    I think the most natural reading of the rule means that each activation allows the character to enhance a single physical attribute because it says, "The character may add one dot to any one physical Attribute..." That seems to indicate that it works on only one attribute at a time. That said, I see no reason a player couldn't enhance all three attributes across three different activations. But, that's just my read.