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Olaminium gone?

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  • Olaminium gone?

    As i looked thru my backer pdf i couldn't find any mention of Olaminium.

    Did the Devs decide to get rid of it?

    I kinda liked that Trinity and Aberrant each had their own special material (Olaminium/EU-Fiber)

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    Must admit i was not familiar with the material - truth be told, the description in the WW doesn't exactly make it impressive.

    Basically lead+ when it comes to radiation shielding, depleted uranium+ when it comes to armor-piercing projectiles.

    Making an unique transuranic just for that sounds like a terrible waste of money, considering alloys and peculiar molecular arrangements (carbon nanotubes, etc) of uranium, lead, osmium or other materials might give you similar or better results for much less, imho.

    But then there's nothing to say Olaminium could make a comeback as exactly such a thing and the name just a funny trademark or something like that.

    Just my two cents of thought.


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      Originally posted by Lilliane View Post
      Did the Devs decide to get rid of it?
      It not being in the main rulebook does not mean it's been excised from the universe. There's plenty of room for that sort of detail in future supplements.

      Ian A. A. Watson
      Onyx Path Community Manager
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        Cool thanks for the answer Ian.


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 does exactly play a major role in the setting. It does allow for some funky tech, but those rules got shifted to the Æon Æxpansion. If not there, we might see it down the line.

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