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    Just a thread for some campaign ideas and varied settings for the Trinity Continuum.

    1) Saga starts on some sort of boat or ship, size depending on nature of campaign as does whether it's a private, cruise, or military ship. At the largest imagine an aircraft carrier of some 5k people. The players are connected to the leadership of whatever ship, that way they can be trusted. As the saga starts the ship hits a massive storm which opens up a rift and takes them to another world. Very quickly the characters manifest as something, be it Talents, Inspired, Nova, or Psiads. They are assigned missions to explore the nearby landmass in order to gather information and resources. The ship may discover the rift appears again which leads them to travel through it. Maybe they want to get home and they might at a really nifty time. I could also see the ship becoming modified as more worlds are visited.

    2) Modern Earth the PCs get recruited by Doctor Hamersmith to be aids in a project to manipulate what he calls the Telluric energies. The projects activates and they become enhanced - what category depends. One of the people disappears and they need to go after said person before their dark plan can work.

    3) The characters are hired by the owner of a megacorporation and recruited for a special operation. They become a special team aiding in the varied work the company does. Said company has it's hands in everything but not in a sinister way.

    4) The characters get hired by some federal agency to investigate crimes in particular jurisdictions. They are Inspired which makes them some of the best of the best.

    5) The characters are on a ship or plane that crashes on some unknown continent after a storm. First comes survival then the creation of civilization and then figuring what happened. They will learn that the land they are on is not just a regular island and is in fact larger then it should be.

    Just some ideas. Hope you guys like them. So looking forward to hearing both comments AND additional saga ideas.

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    Some Trinity-era ideas for campaigns or one-shots;

    6) Just Another Bug-Hunt. Your team of psions is in the jungles of (south America/southern Asia/wherever), or the more urban jungles of shattered Europe, or even the American heartland, hunting Aberrants. And the target is a 'breeder,' able to infect captured people and turn them into the minion sub-Aberrants, and you find out too late that the Aberrant hasn't been 'discovered,' but is actually luring Psions in because they want to see if they can create psionically-capable minions... (So far, signs point to messy painful death being the end-result of attempts, but the Aberrant has had a very limited sample of Psions to experiment with, and is now seeking to attract more Psions through this attention-seeking behavior. Send more Psions! And It's a Trap!)

    7) Mecha Force Adventures! Everyone is a VARG pilot, and represent the elite of the elite. Whether Psion or Neutral, they get the same points to spend, and so might be able to create a Psion piloting a Bio-VARG, or 'just' a Neutral with Psion-level Attributes and Abilities. That's a lot of firepower, but they'll be facing creatures that individually have the power of a battle-suited person, so good luck with that.

    8) Quantum Leap in Psi. One in a thousand times, someone comes out of the tank with Proxy-like powers. Your Psions are gathered from across the Orders, each using Aberrant rules to create your Psions. A telepath uses Telepathy, Domination and Empathic Manipulation, from Aberrant, for instance, and a Psychokinetic might have Telekinesis, Flight, Force Field, Invulnerability (heat or cold), or even a dot of Quantum Bolt (heat or cold), while your Norca/Biokinetic has dots in Shapeshift! You'll, of course, be expected to take on threats that 'normal' Psions could never face...

    9) Odd Ones Out. Your team has a Psion, a Superior, a super-talented Neutral (actually a Daredevil), and a Chromatic! You are stationed on Karoo, working together to keep a fragile peace between humans and chromatics from being disrupted by agents of provocateur who want it to fail, for reasons that remain unclear. Is there Doyen influence, or is the rabble-rousing entirely human, based on people hungry for revenge being manipulated by unscrupulous folk seeking advantage in the chaos they are sowing (much like the situation in The Expanse show, where a small group behind the scenes are willing to instigate a war just to advance their own agenda)?

    10) Dog and Pony Show. Your team works for Aeon, running around the world attempting to put on a good face for Psions and neutrals working together. Nobody wanted this thankless job, and your Norca was run out of the organization for disappointing the Pai, your Rex is a burnout addicted to their own stash, your ex-Ministry agent is a muttering paranoid who even the furtive Ministry found to be a bit draconian in their methods, and the leader of the team, by Aeon fiat, is a hapless Neutral administrator not cut out for field work, learning to swim after being thrown into the deep end. Your team gets sent to places around the globe where events have occurred that put Psions in a bad light, and your job is to 'salvage the situation' from a PR standpoint. It's already a thankless task, rushing from one 'fire' to another, one that you almost feel that Aeon has set you up to fail, but what happens when your team bumbles into evidence that the same people are connected to reputationally-disastrous events across the world from each other, and that someone within Aeon itself may be behind these polarizing incidents?


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      11) Humanity is once again at the brink of war, this time with the Psions. Just as with the Aberrants before them a few horrific events has formed a divide between the Psions and the rest of humanity. It has been discovered that there is a group of antagonists causing this rift buy staging these event. The military, with the help of a Clairsentient, is trying to stop this by stopping the events. However the Military isn’t chartered to work within the civilian world and need a specialized team of civilians to help.