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Crew Shifts and the Bio-frigate

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  • Crew Shifts and the Bio-frigate

    So, on a bio-ship different sub-systems can be formatted to different psions (navigation to one, a weapons pod to another, etc.), but how does that work in function? Wouldn't mean that the psion that is formatted to the navigation system would have to work around the clock for the ship to keep setting courses, and the gunner could never get any rack time because nobody else could use her formatted weapons pod. AFAIK modern naval ships have 3 shifts.

    How do bioships deal with this problem? I've toyed with the idea of swappable "formatting cores" for various systems that can be formatted to different psions and swapped out. I'm not sure I like that solution, or that it really maintains the flavor of Trinity Biotech.

    Anybody else considered this? Is there some obvious solution I'm overlooking?

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    Simplest way is to say that, unlike small arms, armor and gear, large biotech systems such as vehicles can be simultaneously formatted to multiple users. This would be my recommendation.

    A slightly more annoying solution is to have overlapping shifts - formatting only takes an hour.

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      Another option is that there are secondary (redundant) systems and that they are formatted separetely. It is not elegant, but it does work. Heck, the fact that it is formatted separetly makes the 'primary' system loss even more problematic; if you can't fix it then you throw of the format for the secondary systems and the schedule of the ship.

      Odd question; how big are these ships meant to be?

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        Presumably we’re talking about the Orgotek Scarac Strike Frigate, which is tiny compared to its non-biotech equivalents at 80 metres long. It has (tight) accommodations for a crew of 16. In 1E the Scarab required a minimum crew of 5, had bridge stations for 10, with another 4 gunnery seats dived into 2 per pod. In 2E it doesn’t specify minimum crew requirements, it just says piloting and weapons systems must be formatted separately.

        Putting 1E and 2E together, I think it heavily points towards ship systems being allowed multiple formatters.

        However, I forgot to mention another option- systems can be used in formatted, they just work better when formatted. You could just have one person formatted to each, but the ship spends 2/3 of its time slightly less responsive. (Formatting does only provide 1 Enhancement.)

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          If I recall correctly:
          In 1E, any biotech device could be simultaneously formatted to a number of users equal to its FT rating.
          The Orgotek Scarab Strike Frigate has a format tolerance of 3
          I would assume that format tolerance is per station, rather than for the ship as a whole.
          Each station, FT 3, allows 3 users, therefore 3 shifts, just like modern Naval vessels.

          This seems like the most sensible solution to me. Just needs a couple items endorsed by the devs.


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            You do recall correctly, Baladain. It’s right there on the first page of the 1E Technology chapter. After all these years I’d missed that! 🤔

            I don’t see any reason why we would change that in 2E. Problem solved, thanks. 🙂

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              Wow, I totally missed that rule in 1E. Problem...never existed? Thanks guys!