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Questions on weapons (and a few thoughts)

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  • Questions on weapons (and a few thoughts)

    I really hope these threads are useful towards the creation of the final product. Sorry if it's rambly.

    The Weapons and Armor section in the core book lists weapons before armor. In the Aeon book they are the other way around. Would it be possible to standardize this? (Yes, I'm a bit OCD)

    Aeon book, pg 295 Weapon configurations and weapon types seem like they should be in the core book. Minus the items that aren't available until the Trinity Era.

    Slug Throwers: Should't these have the variable ammo tag by default since (for the most part) all that would be needed is to load a different magazine? Shotguns should also be included in the Slug Throwers category.

    Slug thower ammunition:
    Slugs should be restricted to shotguns, as a pistol or rifle slug is just the projectile portion of the bullet.
    Heavy Armor piercing should be restricted to shotguns and heavy weapons, as pistols, carbines, and most rifles would not have the mass needed to pierce heavy armor.

    Obvious (0) This seems like it should be part of the heavy weapons tag, to explain the additional +1 it gains in addition to the scale bonus.

    Psi (-1)/Formatted (1,2) Do I understand correctly that the Psi tag reduces the tag count/wealth cost? Also, should Psi and formatted be mutually necessary?

    Psi Gauntlet (0) should this also require the formatted tag?

    Pushing: should be removed, as it is made redundant by Weighted

    Ranged (1) Should there be an offset for weapons that can't be used at all at the default close range, like long rifles?

    Two-Handed (1) perhaps add a note that these weapons should also have the obvious tag?

    Weighted (1), should be restricted to melee weapons

    Also, some weapon tags state they provide enhancement, others say enhancement for inflicting Injury. Should these be accounted for separately, or is this something that is being consolidated in editing?
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