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  • Thoughts on Edges

    Adrenaline Spike: Allows you to ignore an Injury Complication once per day, Is this meant to affect one die roll, one turn, or one scene?

    pg 65 Forceful Martial arts
    Power blow: If I'm reading this correctly, this move only improves the stunts if they have a difficulty in excess of 3. Perhaps providing enhancement is more balanced?
    Deadly Strike: Use requires adding the slow tag, which does not appear in the manuscript

    Precise Martial arts:
    Defensive martial arts: I think I understand this mechanic, maybe it would read easier as "For every +1 applied to the characters attack roll, she receives +1 to her Dodge for the next turn"

    Dead Calm: Doubles the enhancement from taking the time to aim. This mechanic does not appear to be present in the manuscript.
    Trick Shot: Should not grant weighted, as bullet should not grant knockdown/knockback
    Additionally, what is the benefit of having the same tag twice, if a single shot can only have the tag once?
    Suggestion, add a mechanic to bypass armor (as long as the target has unarmored portions)