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  • Akasha: Martial Arts setting

    So I’m wondering what are good ways to include the various martial Artist archetypes in the game. Inspired characters with Flux is the most obvious type but we could use some custom edges and merits or maybe even a new sub splat with their own tweaked system. But Psi is also something that would be excellent to represent old Shaolin masters whose fists can ring gongs from 10 yards away and who can read the minds of their pupils.

    And last maybe a custom Aberrant Build to represent maybe a quantum Legacy, like inheriting he Iron Fist from plunging your hands into the heart of Shou Lou the Undying, a dragon who lives within a higher plane. Or Wu Xia supermen enlightened into super swordsmanship and able to balance onto pine leaves.

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    As it's own setting/era? Perhaps a period/genre specific character type that uses Chi as it's source/focus for Inspiration, allowing access to whichever powers seem fitting? Possibly with separate/additional ones for Sorcerers and Gods.

    I think you'd have to start with some sort of default power level, as "martial arts" as a genre ranges from something as relatively grounded as Bruce Lee's films to something as way out there as the last act of Kung Fu Hustle.
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