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Blurring was lines between Trinity

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  • Blurring was lines between Trinity

    So do you think they will keep a solid the Universe is only Flux, Quantum, and Psi? Like it does give structure to have such cornerstones when world building but it is also very limiting. It’s like if you did the World of Darkness but said all Supernatural phenomena had to originate from Vampires, Werewolves or Mages.

    Like I like the idea of Hard science not originating from Either. And things like low key super scientifically enhanced beings who aren’t Novas, like Mutant Turtles who are also Ninjas, and just good well designed steroids and gene cocktails. What about artificial species, like like the Geth or Phalanx, not linked to the big three?

    What about other big time powers that aren’t the big three?

    Or big time spacegods like Galactus and the Celestials.

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    Flux, Quantum and Psi are the forces of Unobtainium in 1e Trinity. Other things may be possible, but those energies make it a lot easier. So far, the unreleased 2nd edition has not not deviated from thing.

    That said, Subabberrants may have been created with Quantum Corruption, but none of their abilities use it. Their biology has just been altered. So it definitely possible.

    That said, I don't think Space Gods are going to be cannon anytime soon. Nothing stopping you from adding them though. I certainly could see some one cannibalizing Scion & DRE for ways to model that kind of influence.
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      Well already we have high Quantum Abberants becoming Essentially Spacegods, isn’t the Colony possibly like Ego the Living Planet. And civilizations have Ascended into their own Q-level of reality through Noetic Ascension ... so they already are Canon. What I’m thinking is actually playing around with them in the setting rather then saying and then they went off to do cool stuff somewhere you can’t perceive.

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        In a sci fi setting that's low on Flux, Quantum, and Psi, like a distant world settled by humans who survived their colony ship's massive misjump, other possibilities could come to the fore. Picture said distant world struggling to build itself and torn by faction and strife. Genetically engineered agents might be employed by the factions in a cold war. Assume a modification budget. Too many gene mods and a life form can't even be born. Thus designers, trainers, and the agents they create, have a vast challenge.


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          While playing around with Trinity 1e, I used the Trinity Player's Guide and the Asia Ascendant sourcebook to put together a Neutral character with decent Status in Nihonjin, high Resoruces and high Requisition. As a result this unpowered "blank" has a miniVARG with a Flight pack as well as most of the Cyberwear listed in Asia Ascendant. He can shock you unconscious or to death, is difficult to poison, can shoot you with his laser-gun finger, swim underwater indefinitely and walk outside a spaceship naked and stay there for 90 minutes with no problems. And do lots of other things.

          A bit like Batman in Justice League his "superpower" is being rich and connected.

          As another experiment, I built a 2nd Legion trooper using the alternative creation rules from the unpublished Storyteller's Handbook. He ended up with 2 Psi and only the basic technique for Psychokinesis (he has no dots in any of the modes. He's probably the scariest, deadliest member of a group with the character above, three other Psions and a Venezuelan Phenomenon Nova.


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            I've found it helpful to think of the Psi/Quantum stuff as fundamental sub-quantum forces that are primarily used to direct jargon. Together they can be used to explain any phenomena with some applied thought - but alone, the terms are basically meaningless. I could even argue that 'Quantum' for novas is a misnomer and that the Psionic sub-quantum layer is where the real action happens. But, again - it's just defined dressing for immersion into the setting.
            Rather than seeing this as limiting - i think of it as adding a smudge at the layer of fundamental forces (gravity, EM, etc...) - an x-factor that correctly handled can explain away nearly anything when applied cleverly. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, afterall.