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Wealth, Makers, and resupply in the Trinity Era

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  • Wealth, Makers, and resupply in the Trinity Era

    I'm planning a campaign where the party will be starting with a ship (Dark Matter style)

    I'm trying to figure out how the wealth background interacts with this scenario. If the vessel is equipped with a mid-sized maker, the wealth+3 restriction on what sort of weapons could be constructed would seem to fall apart, as they could simply make anything they had schematics for, as long as they have the necessary raw materials. I wont have to deal with it at the beginning of the game as all schematics will be lost due to plot device, but eventually, things could get out of hand.

    This sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole:
    In a world of makers, does physical currency still exist? It would seem that preventing counterfeiting would be a losing battle. Has the Yuan moved to blockchain?
    I would think that remote colonies would be more interested in trading for maker supplies than currency in many cases.

    If the PCs have a ship, eventually it's going to need to be resupplied. How much would it cost to replenish maker materials, life support and reaction mass?

    I'm thinking a cost table for resupply could be appended to the vehicle cost table.

    Anyone else running a campaign in this style?

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    I think for sure there would be some currency for raw materials, fuel and services. I like the idea of blockchain either being the prevailing financial tech or there being a really great reason why it isn't. Could be fun to explain that some AI virus became aware and decided the accumulation of wealth was bad...