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  • Armor layering

    In 1e there were rules for layering armor, for example, wearing an armor vest over bioweave, and thus stacking the armor values.
    Is this expected to function the same way in the new system? It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the currently available texts.

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    I don't believe so, but I don't have a page quote for you.


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      To my knowledge there is no discussion of armor stacking in 2e. My table has run into this issue. I've house ruled that hard armor can stack, and soft armor from shields (the ones from powers) can stack. Even restricting stackable armor to a normal piece of warn armor and bioweave starts to make players invincible if soft armors are allowed to stack. Add a psi shield to that and players are shrugging off direct hits from Terat level aberrants.


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        I'm launching my campaign in the next month, and I know this is going to be brought up by my players. I can't think of a real reason to disallow it, so I'm pondering over 2 responses.
        1. Offensive feats for called shots. 2 for a limb/head 3 for something smaller
        2. Assigning the soft armor value of whatever the first piece of armor to be struck would be, and once the hard armor value of the piece is met/exceeded the soft rating no longer applies. But then, how do you handle armor with no hard rating?

        I can't help but think a standard (non-varg) soldier combat ops loadout would be an armor vest over SBD (that will never not be funny) and your basic legionnaire would wear that same kit over bio-weave. Which if full stacking is involved would give the soldier a soft rating of 3 and the legionnaire a soft rating of 5, and that's just ridiculous.


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          The Storyguide will have to exercise some judgement around what can be layered, but I generally just add the different armor layers together. Armor ratings from Psi powers are specifically supposed to stack with other types of armor as well. (Unless the devs have playtested otherwise and make a ruling.)

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