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Trinity PCs in a World of Darkness

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  • Trinity PCs in a World of Darkness

    So what about instead of mixing Aeon with the CWOD completely the PCs play as a group from the Aeon Earth accidentally stranded onto another world, one of Darkness.

    Maybe they were stranded by the Hammersmith event, or fighting Divis Mal, or maybe it was from the World of Darkness end of things and some Mages accidentally summoned you when they broke the Universe. Or maybe the Trinity Universe was completely Annihilated and the PCs are the only refugees, maybe with some exceptions. Probably a little of several of these ideas.

    How would it play with the three tiers? A group of Inspired would work well. Psions would be an anomaly but still within the power range. And Novas could be interesting as you could hunt the Antes or fight the Technocracy.

    As your PCs would be using the Trinity system so the supernaturals would only need NPC level definition for their powers. So you can use the 20th ed for the flavor and the Trinity for the Crunch.

    Or would it be doomed to failure?

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    I recall from a pretty good while back when White Wolf had their RPG chatrooms that I played a Vitakinetic who ended up coming to the Old World of Darkness and interacting with the Chargelings. It was pretty fun. I recall having Karin (that was the character, Karin Foster) try to adapt the Mentatis mode to help Changlings afflicted by Banality. It was weird, but fun.


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      I think you run into a clash of tone, so kinda like some other WW crossover conversations (*cough* Exalted v the WoD *cough*), you have to make a call on which "Unified Field Theory"/Cosmology/Hooky Dooky Voodoo reigns supreme and slot the other into that.

      I think there is space for conspiracy theory psychics (Eleven from Stranger Things) and mutants (various cryptids/CHUDs freak accident folks tales etc) in the World of Darkness (not a WoD buff, but I'm pretty sure you could slot this into your preferred WoD).

      If you go the other way, you have to match Trinity tone. There is an easy in via Flux events, but I feel like even with my cursory knowledge of WoD i can tell that you lose what differentiates the WoD splats from their traditional counterparts when you take them out of their setting.

      Crunch wise, Storypath is so light weight it would not be difficult to adapt WoD splats into it. On the other hand, from what I recall from reading through the previewed Psion powers, they also seem easily slotted into your preferred StoryX system.

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