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Conversion from Dark Conspiracy to Old Trinity (or New Trinity)

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  • Conversion from Dark Conspiracy to Old Trinity (or New Trinity)

    I have several Dark Conspiracy modules, that I'd like to convert for use with the old Aberrant/Trinity rules (and eventually with the new rules once they're). Does anyone have a system for that? At present, I'll lucky be stuck trying to convert Dark Conspiracy to d20 and then use the Aberrant/Trinity d20 rules to convert that to regular Aberrant/Trinity, but that seems like a time-consuming pain-in-the-ass, so I'm hoping somebody has something that will save me from having to go through such an indirect route.

    Basically, my idea will be to involve some Dark Conspiracy concept in the universe of Aberrant/Trinity. Maybe the Aberrants accidentally (purposely) tore a hole between dimiension to allow Dark Lords and their minions (which would be mistaken for Aberrants) into the Trinity universe, so that there's be a nasty threat beyond that of the Colony and the Doyen. Sort the ultimate conflict between the Hope of Trinity and the Despair of Dark Conspiracy.

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    I think the base 2e system would probably work pretty well, but you're going to have to make up a lot of things.

    The new path system can sort of fill in for the DC lifepath system, but it won't set your age, and you won't necessarily have as many. You could use the DC life paths you are mimicing to gide you through the path creation process in the core Continuum book. Paths have a built in system for giving you contacts, you'll just need to come up with a system to decide if those contacts are Foreign in the DC sense (I'd suggest just using the die roll from DC).

    The system for making antagonists is pretty flexible, so it wouldn't be too hard to model the creatures. Just use the base die pools and tack on anomoly powers as you see fit. You could also look to the more powerful mutations and Corruption powers for Aberrants in the Aeon book.

    Where you will run in to the most difficulty would be modeling the DC magic/psychics/neuropaths. You could look to Psion powers for guidance, or maybe antagonist powers. That is probably going to require you to make up a little more.

    Either as a direct port, or something more like the cross-over you are considering, I think the new system would allow for it.


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      I'd originally conceived of the crossover as something for old-style Trinity. My idea was to make another take on antagonists. Via the modules, we'd had Rogue Psions in a Conspiracy, Aliens (Chromatics/Doyen, True Aberrants (The Coalition). Aberrants were familiar threats. Aliens were newer threats. I wanted something that was both unfamiliar but somehow old.

      So, I hit upon the Dark Masters/Lords of Dark Conspiracy. My idea is that these beings have been with or influecing humankind since before they attained sentience. They're as familiar with humanity as shepherds with their flock, ranchers with their herd, farmers with the crops (that they grow for food, to hammer the point home). They know that it's now a matter of time (and to them relatively short time) before humanity comes to the point of being able to reliably detect and oppose them. In the midst of its struggles with Aberrants and the Doyan, humankind is going to face an "opportunistic infection" of the worst sort...