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    So I was wondering of there is any ideas on maybe modyfing things so characters have some sort of health point system rather then the way it is.

    I ask because despite playing White Wolf like games for over twenty years now I still don't entirely understand or get on a soul deep level the way health works. Which of course limits how deep I can go with the system.

    So any help or advice or ideas on a) an alternate hit point system or b) a good way to get the current system would be helpful. Thanks!

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    So the Storypath stress and conditions tracks are heavily inspired by FATE. The idea is to model action/adventure/thriller movies. Stress are the events that set the hero back in the scene, but don't really persist for the rest of the movie/show. The least condition is the setback that maybe persists for a scene or two, with the greater and greater conditions having lasting impacts of the story.

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      Health in the various Story* family games doesn't always work exactly the same way, but it might help if you could articulate where the system(s) loses you?

      Effectively speaking, Health in these games is just a very small pool of HP, and you take penalties when you take damage beyond being closer to running out of HP. The why here is because fights (even epic action fights) don't work like D&D HP where you can get punched, stabbed, slashed, bashed, burnt, and crushed, but as long as you don't lose that last HP you still operate just as effectively as you went in. Characters grow weaker and more fatigued with every blow dealt to them until they finally can't take it any longer and succumb to their injuries.

      The Storypath system goes beyond this to include a narrative description to each injury rather than a generic penalty for taking too much damage. Instead of saying, "I was [attacked in A fashion], which dealt [B] total damage, causing [C] penalties to my actions until I can heal." Where A might matter in parts of the system (such as what kind of damage and how hard it is to avoid), B and C are basically the same across the board (at least until it comes to later systems like healing). If you got shot, stabbed, or punched for B damage, you took C in penalties. In Storypath though, each Injury Condition does its own thing. Getting stabbed in the thigh, shot in the chest, or punched in the face all lose you the same amount of "HP" in terms of how close to getting removed from the fight you are, but each will have its own penalty to match that narrative. Taking four damage in a bar brawl is going to feel different from taking four damage in a gun battle, even if mechanically speaking they're just as bad for you in absence of specific circumstances.