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What Does Quantum Feel Like?

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  • What Does Quantum Feel Like?

    This is kind of a weird question, but how do people think a nova would experience their Quantum Points? Would it be reasonable to represent them, from their point of view as simply 'energy', in the context of "I've done so much work today, I'm totally out of energy," or would they get a more physical feeling of it, like a heat in their belly or a kind of electric feeling on their skin? Would the feeling vary depending on a nova's powers and 'paradigm', so to speak?
    nova I'm writing from the perspective of has powers mostly themed around the manipulation of their own body and the manifestation of weird appendages and structures of 'transcendent flesh' (think Giger meets the Phyrexians).

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    I would definitely say it would depend on the nova. Your above described character might feel it in every cell like a charger battery or like each cell wants to get up and run a marathon when full up on quantum and then when depleted each cell is sluggish or already felt like it ran a marathon.
    Others might feel it as a for temperature if they have heat or cold powers. The temp going to the opposite side as they expend their quantum stores. It might be a great question to ask all your players to think about for their characters.