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    I started to place this one back under the "If Galatea Happened today" topic, but that's over 3 years old by now.

    Mulling over Nihilist's useful statistics of real-world nova demographics left me thinking; of the total numbers of novas erupting over the given period of time, how many in a given population could be assumed to have combat-worthy power sets? The question came to me when thinking (for purposes of a home-game) about how many novas India and China have. A lot of the novas in India were thought to be out in the rural villages and such being worshiped as gods or avatars, though they apparently had enough novas in Column Shiva to participate in the Kashmir war. And while China has a large nova population, their hardline policy had people leaving those shores even in the original canon setting (an example was in the project Utopia book), not to mention the numbers who've been sacrificed for the sake of Soma production by the HTT. It's not as if China would immediately dominate the entire world with their nova-surplus given those issues. Both also have the additional problem that not every nova, not even MOST novas, erupt with a combat power set.

    I suppose the question of how many combat-worthy novas there are is linked to the question of how powerful various novas are when they erupt. All the suite powers require at least quantum 4, though most of the basic attack/defense powers require quantum 2-3. Perhaps what I'm looking for is a statistical breakdown how many novas are of which level of quantum, in a given nation/region.

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    That actually really depends on the person in question as Quantum manifestations tend to take a bit of Jungian manifestation of the person underlying personality as well as experiences which might have shaped them. A person who feels persecuted for some reason or another might develop offensive/defensive abilities in one form or another. But it really kinda depends on ones self concept quite literally


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      True enough I suppose. Though a larger assortment of combat power sets in response to perceived threat and oppression would probably lead to a glut of combat novas wherever victimhood (whether real or imagined) has become the new vogue culture...