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  • page 8: "Oop, hang on, big noise" - Should be Oops I think
    page 28: In the red handwritten note one line ends with "s", the next line begins with "even" - I think, the word seven should be reunited.
    page 35: The introductory text states that there are five steps during character creation, but the actual process involves six.
    page 36: A path can be a single word or a short phrase that summarizes the nature of character's experiences - missing the between of and character's
    page 37: Players should rank the three Arenas in order of at which their characters are most adept - should drop at
    page 38: Example: The Favored Approach should raise Cunning to four dots: Starts at one and gets two more dots allocated.
    page 39: The text refers to the Experience table below, but it is located above the text.
    page 43: Detective Example Connections: New Reporter should be News Reporter
    page 45: For example, if a character might - should drop if
    page 45: A Skill Ttrick that allows a character to increase her relative speed for action - missing an or the
    page 112: In the sample combat, the henchmen have a Physical Arena of 4 at one point and 5 at another.
    page 115: Station: Contact Actions:relying crucial information should be relaying crucial information
    page 123: Example Weapons: the Katana lists both the Quality and the Quality 2 tag which seems redundant
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    • Combat - Dodge and Defense Stunts last until the end of the round, but combat resolution specifically calls for the defender to roll defense for each attack. I believe this is an error and the defender only rolls against the first attack and establishes defense against other attacks within the round from that roll. Requires clarification as some groups are reading it as defenders continue to roll against each attack, and their defense stacks higher and higher as the round progresses because defense specifically lingers until the end of the round.

      Edit: the Attack Resolution table on p.115 of Scion Origin indicates you only roll against the first attack, but this table isn’t replicated in Core.

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      • p. 80: Moving and maneuvering
        The text in the first paragraph revers to "range bands (p. XX)", but range bands seem not to be defined/explained anywhere, though this term is mentioned a lot in the Core and Aeon PDF. What is a range band? Examples:

        Aeon book, p. 196: "This includes the same range band categories: close, short, medium, long, extreme, and out of range."
        So, the different ranges ARE the range bands?

        Aeon book, p. 256, Blink power: "The character teleports no more than a single range band [...]"
        I understand that ranges for psi powers are measured by psi, e.g. short for psi 2 and 3. Does this mean that the psion can teleport up to 1x short range (30m)?

        Core book, p. 196, Pretty damned fast gift: "Additionally, she can move up to two range bands [...]"
        Normally a human can move "an unimpeded human on foot can move a number of meters each turn equal to twice their Athletics + highest Physical Attribute" (core book, p. 80). How does this translate into a range band so that you can move even two of them as this gift allows?

        In general I find the whole range band stuff quite confusing when trying to measure how far a character can move.


        p. 79: "Reflexive actions and movement up to her Stamina do not require [...]"
        Better to write "up to her Stamina in meters do not"
        Also, why isn't this part written in the Moving and Maneuvering section (p. 80)? These details are spread over the book, making looking them up difficult.

        p. 102: "Disarm" stunt: It says "range increment". Better to use the term "range band" here?


        • Some questions about paths:

          About assets:

          p. 40: "The character does not have a connection to all of these groups; the player must choose one."
          So you have _one_ group connection (even if more than one are plausible for the path) per path

          What about assets (p.40)? Here no such restriction is mentioned. Does this mean that assets not chosen at path creation, made up on the fly during play with common sense? I mean, the finger print database example in the book is one of many possible accesses for a police chief path. Would sound a bit illogical if you'd have access to the finger print DB, but not to, say, the evidence room.

          Using up connections:

          p. 40: "she may attempt to complete it to regain her connection rating after using her connections."
          It's not mentioned anywhere that connections have ratings (mentioned only for contacts). Also no mechanics are explained on how to expend these ratings. So it's confusing to find a sentence on how to _regain_ ratings.

          Path dots:

          I get it that a path begins with one dot:
          p. 40: "Each Contact begins with one dot [...]"
          p. 41: "Initially, each connection has the same dot rating as the overall Path."
          Would be nice to explicitly state so.

          Edit: About connection groups:
          It's a bit strange that one path only grants connection to _one_ path related group. You can get connections to multiple contacts, so why not other ones as well?
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          • Skill specialties, p. 45:

            So a specialty in a skill (e.g. pistols for Aim) can only be used for OTHER skills as an enhancement? Not when shooting the bad guys using pistols?

            Also, a three-point enhancement as a free bonus when using pistols at Aim 5? Wow, though admittetly I didn't playtest yet, so don't really know if this is too high or not.

            Also see this thread for more skill specialy questions:


            • Initiative, p. 79:
              "Each player rolls, as well as the Storyguide for Storyguide Characters."
              Rolls what? The answer is found elsewhere, p. 99: "Each player rolls the lower of Athletics + Cunning or Empathy + Dexterity."

              When looking up the initiative rolls in the table of contents I get p. 79 for initiative and don't find the requested information. This is another example of what I meant when I said in another thread the information is spread through the book, making looking up things unnecessarily frustrating.


              • Artifact edge:

                In the core book, p. 65: Can the "Artifact" edge only be taken by Talent characters? What if my psion wants his own spaceship or so? Is there some kind of edge similar to the old 1e background "Device" which can take care of this? Would this edge cost be similar to that of the old background?

                What if my character wants to have an item which is not super-science, but some kind regular, but too-expensive (not possible with the wealth edge), item, like a tank, mentioned starship, a big yacht or mansion etc.? Can this be covered with the Artifact edge as well? How?


                • When rolling to resist indirect damage the difficulty is 1. According to the rules, only additional successes reduce the damage. What do you gain for succeeding at the roll?

                  I’ve seen this in a few spots—in particular in Psi powers. Please make sure that any check in this system that meets the set difficulty has the intended effect. If that means raising difficulties then do that, but make sure that success is success.


                  • Edge "Adrenalin Spike", p. 59:
                    "She can ignore an Injury Complication one time per day [...]"
                    Ignore for one single roll? For a single round? Something else?


                    • Page 180 lists Safe House as a Les Fantomes Edge, but as far as I can find no such Edge is found in the book.

                      Edit: LRE also has it listed as one of their Edges on page 178.
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                      • Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
                        Page 180 lists Safe House as a Les Fantomes Edge, but as far as I can find no such Edge is found in the book.

                        Edit: LRE also has it listed as one of their Edges on page 178.
                        It’s in Æon under the Norça


                        • Originally posted by werlynn View Post

                          It’s in Æon under the Norça

                          Probably not the best place for a corebook edge.


                          • Page 51: The last sentence of Walking Wounded appears to be missing some words between 'Trick,' and 'act', "After being treated with this Skill Trick, act without any penalty from that injury." Perhaps something like, 'the treated character'

                            Page 60: The prerequisite for Alternate Identity is "Appropriate Path for Alternate Identity **" How do we determine what is an appropriate Path for Alternate Identity 2?

                            Page 63: The First sentence of Forceful Martial Arts should have clubs instead of cubs. "...hand to hand weapons, like chain weapons, cubs, fists..."

                            Page 63: The second sentence of the two-dot ability of Forceful Martial Arts, Deadly Strike, contains an extraneous for. "...whenever she uses for this attack.

                            Page 75: The paragraph describing the two ways time is measured reads weird to me. I am finding it hard to articulate what I am feeling here so I may come back and edit this post for this spot.

                            Page 81: The last sentence of the DROP PRONE/STAND section appears to be missing a 'from' at the end of the sentence. "A prone character's Defense changes depending on where her enemies are attacking her.


                            • p 76, 1st bullet "Session: The encompasses..."
                              Should probably read as either, "Session: The session encompasses..." or "Session: Encompasses...."


                              • Page 150 of the Trinity Core states that once per scene a Talent may add a Facet’s rating as an Enhancement to a roll if it fits the Facet. No cost is mentioned.

                                The next page, listing things one spends inspiration for describes doing that in three separate entries, one for each Facet. No limit on uses per scene is mentioned.

                                It is unclear whether the latter is a clarification of how the former works (in which case the former’s mention of “once per scene” and the latter’s exclusion of it is very confusing), if these are meant as two separate rules (so you can do it once per scene for free, but it costs Inspiration to do it more), or if one of the two is a relic of a defunct rule .
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