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Trinity Continuum: Æon errata

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    Originally posted by IanWatson View Post
    Please list your errata for the Trinity Continuum: Æon rulebook here.
    • Please address only typos, layout glitches, misplaced elements, and similar errors. If it's merely a matter where you'd have phrased something differently, that's not errata, and should go in a different thread.
    • Please confine comments to posting errata. Discussion should also go elsewhere.
    • Missing art and Page XXs are known quantities and are not being called out at this time. There's no need to list them here.
    Thank you.
    I’m not sure if “this rules issue is ambiguous and should be clairfied in the text” falls under the category of errata, and if not, I apologize

    But as is becoming clear from multiple threads, it is unclear to what extent Psions are supposed to have the advantage of Scale in interaction, power use, and other combat actions, over baselines and Talents. Clarifying the explicit intent in the text would be very helpful.

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