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    Huh. They should have put it in the full text of defense.
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      Originally posted by shuragil View Post
      In the Æon book:

      p. 264: In the Vitakinetic power "Direction", it says:
      "The psion can also either temporarily increase or decrease the speed vitakinesis of biological processes, like breathing or healing by successes spent"
      Q: How do I measure this? doubling/halfing duration per success? Or is there a table where I can increase/decrease by steps?

      Originally posted by Bunyip View Post

      I’ve added this to the errata thread as it clearly needs clarification.
      Maybe use the same mechanics as the biokinetic power Metabolic Control (p. 213)?


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        Originally posted by Bunyip View Post

        I’ve added it to the Core errata for clarification.
        Thanks! Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what is intentionally different or not, and I didn't want to add too much noise to the errata thread.

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          Originally posted by Bunyip View Post

          It’s not. TC: AEon is referencing pp. 104 (Injury Conditions) to 106 (Status Conditions). TC: Core ‘Other Forms of Damage’ doesn’t reference illness and disease, it talks about fire, radiation, and poison.

          Illnesses are treated as per TC: AEon. The specifics of how illnesses work and progress aren’t very cinematic action drama so weren’t included there. Since one psi Aptitude specifically works against illness and disease, we included rules for how they work in AEon.
          Thanks for the clarification. Suggestion... It seems illness and disease are something that could appear in any era, Should those rules maybe be in Trinity Core. Otherwise you'd have to reprint them in each era's source book? I'm sure their will be nova healers? Or so I'd imagine.


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            What do the armor damage type tags do? Not all powers that grant soft armor include such tags so what do they protect against? There is a “complete” tag for all damage types so if the intent was “all types” why don’t those powers include the complete tag?


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              Is there any sort of way to resist the “defensive” armor tag? It seems very harsh. You could have 6 levels of soft armor making you close to bulletproof and stabproof, but a spiky suit of armor will murder you in a fist fight.


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                If you activate multiple levels of the same mode in a single action how does the enhancement bonus apply? Say I have augendis 5 and I want to activate levels 1 through 4 in one action to boost myself up. Normally I get an enhancement on each power equal to the number of additional mode dots I have. Do I add 4 (he highest) or 1 (the lowest) to the whole roll? Do I add 10 to the whole roll? Do I just add the individual enhancements to their respective powers?

                My confusion comes from general confusion over how to apply enhancement bonuses to mixed actions since those rules seemed to say you include all the bonuses and just apply them however you want, so a gun shooting enhancement could be applied toward balancing on a speeding train in a mixed action. That seeems weird.


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                  I believe the language on enhancements in the multiple actions rules limits the enhancements to being applied where appropriate... I could be misremembering.


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                    Originally posted by Wraith View Post
                    p.333 TC: Aeon (Under Sub-Aberrant) "...observers who dissect dead Aberrants find that most don’t possess the signature Mazarin-Rashoud structures..."

                    Q: What are these? Not defined in Trinity Continuum: Aeon or the Core rules. Internet searching tells me this is like the genetic component that allows an Aberrant to use Quantum??? Regardless its not defined anywhere in this iteration of the game.

                    Additionally a section describing the basics of Quantum and Noetics and how they relate (also how they relate to Flux) would be appreciated. Been trying to piece this together, especially after reading the Secrets Chapter of TC: Aeon but I really don't have a grasp of how they are related (opposed?) and it seems pretty core to understanding what's going on in this game.
                    The Mazarin-Rashoud node, or MR Node, is a gland in the brain that gives a Nova/Abberant their powers. I'm sure it will be fully fleshed out, pun intended, in the Trinity Continuum: Aberrant book. There's really no need for it in the Aeon book.



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                      Flash says you make an attack with enhancement equal to your mode dots. Is this attack the same psi roll you used to activate the power or separate? You already get a potential enhancement equal to how many dots your rating exceeds the power you’re using. Then there is favored mode’s 2 enhancement. It’s a hard edge to pass up.

                      Would a PK with thermokinesis 4 and that mode favored throw a enhancement 8 blast?

                      I’m not saying it’s not balanced. You don’t get to throw too many of those. I’m just checking that I have the math right.