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Are specialties improperly defined?

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  • Are specialties improperly defined?

    p.45 (core)
    Specialties says that having a specialty in a skill provides enhancement towards OTHER skills when relevant.

    However, p.52 - Pilot - I can figure it out, p.84 Hacking and p.91 Crafting all seem to imply that a specialty is necessary to perform specific functions with a skill.

    I can figure it out implies that pilot requires specific specialties for specific types of vehicles

    Hacking states dice pool of enigmas + cunning and a specialty of Cryptography or Software is required. Cryptography seems like it should be an enigmas specialty and Software should be a technology specialty. How are these meant to interact?
    Note: shouldn't this be technology + cunning to hack a computer system?

    Crafting states "This includes a minimum number of dots in Science equal to the item’s Rank, and a specialty applicable to the project."
    Again, we see a call for a specialty in the same skill being called for, which runs contrary to the definition of specialties.

    Can anyone clarify this?